Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Life

Yesterday, I had an sudden urge to gut my house. We finally found a desk we love and I wanted to clear out our den, which has pretty much been just a storage room for home decor that I will probably never use (mostly stuff from our colorful, Pier 1-inspired apartment) (PS If anyone likes that stuff, we are taking it to the DI soon, so let me know if you want it!). 

Anyways, McKay was painting our kitchen ceiling, I was going through my scrapbook stuff, trying to organize it and I found a small pile of unsent envelopes. I knew what they were right away- my pile of "need to find the addresses" Thank You's from our wedding. 


First of all, I am a huge hypocrite. Many times, I have commented to McKay about how tacky I think it is when people don't send Thank You's. All that time, I had my own little pile of unsent notes.

Second of all, I feel so horrible that some people didn't get a Thank You from us. One of those people was one of my best friends (Alexa, I'm sorry!)

Third of all, I am still sending them- with a little explanation, obviously, as to why they are so late. So if you are one of those who didn't get a Thank You, you will be getting one shortly!!

Sending Thank You's almost two years that tacky?

On another note,

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

His cheeks are chapped because they are kissed so much.

Playing with his favorite toy, the door stopper!

Jax can do some new tricks! When we tell him to clap, he either waves or claps. When we tell him to clap, he does either also! He knows that both of them are tricks that mommy and daddy get really excited about. We sure love this little boy!


  1. the pictures of him clapping are so cute!

  2. can you please live by me so I can have all of your decorations you don't want? Or you can just mail them to me. Ha. I LOVE the way you decorate!!

  3. this happened to us recently! and it was like 7 months after our wedding...and i was mortified i can't imagine 2 years : ] but i think people still love & appreciate them so much. to make up for it a bit we made sure to include photos in the cards. and we got lots of phone calls, emails, and little messages saying thank you for the thank you! ha!


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