Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boise for Easter!

McKay's parents flew us to Boise for Easter this year. It was so much fun to see them and to show them how much Jax has grown. They hadn't seen him since he was four months old, so he had changed a lot! 

McKay's dad made gyoza and flank steak- SO good! We always have it when we are in Boise, so it's something I always look forward to!

McKay's mom was the star in a play that their stake put on and sang BEAUTIFULLY! It was so fun to watch her. The play was about the resurrection of the Savior and we got to go to two of the performances. It was so neat to watch and think about the Savior's life and resurrection.  

Easter morning was so fun with Jax! "The Easter bunny came!" We brought him upstairs and watched him crawl to his Easter basket! He got lots of snacks, baby lotion (mom's favorite) and a BSU jersey and shorts (dad's favorite). Easter is definitely much more fun with a baby boy!

He liked the grass the most though! haha

After church, we took Jax outside to take some family pictures. We had never set him down on grass before, and he was  little scared! He did not like the grass at first!

Look at that face! (Impossible not to kiss!)

Since the grass was so scary, his daddy stood him up against a tree. He is going to be standing up by himself very soon!

The weather was perfect on Sunday so we decided to take a little family walk and have a picnic at the park!

Venturing onto the grass...

Obsessed with this boy.

Jax swung for his first time on Easter! I had taken him to the park before, but always wanted to wait until McKay was there to put him in a swing...he LOVED it! He kicked and smiled and laughed! After a few minutes, he was ready to get off and try something else! We have a very active little boy!

He went down the slide with dad for the first time too!

As we were walking home, I found a ladybug on McKay's shirt! I love ladybugs and would always build homes for them when I was little. I wanted to show Jax, but it kept flying off of McKay's hand. McKay caught it in the air about three times! Jax wasn't as excited about it as his mom was...haha.

On our way back to the house!

The rest of the trip we just spent relaxing and hanging out with the fam. Monday was our last day and we went to Costa Vida with the family (which is kind of a tradition now!). It was very good. On our way to Costa vida I saw Kneaders! For those of you who don't know, Kneaders has the yummiest breakfast and orange rolls. I had no idea Boise had gotten one. We had to stop there and get about four boxes of orange rolls before we went home! I like food. I realize that many of my highlights on this trip have been food. hahaha. OH WELL! :)

My dad picked us up from the airport and when we got home, we walked in the door to find this:

My mom had left us an Easter basket full of treats on our counter!
Thanks momma!

Hope everyone had the best Easter!

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  1. he's the cutest. love the photo of him sitting on your tummy & his first swinging adventure!


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