Monday, December 19, 2011

Week in Pictures

Christmas is less than a week away! Here is our week in pictures:

1. We went to Laci's preschool Christmas singing-program. She was so cute. 

Laci and Jax got to sit on Santa's lap.

Laci and I both had Mrs. Crossen for preschool!

2. We watched Chris Rene on X-Factor

...we got so bored when Melanie came on.

3. Dad opened up more Christmas presents. McKay is naughty. NAUGHTY.

4. We dressed like a baller for Lexi's game

5. We went to Lexi's piano recital

6. We tried to take family pictures, which Laci ruined...

7. We played with this cute boy wanted more pictures of Jax? Okay...


On a mommy-advice website I read, a mom asked, "Is it okay to bite your baby?" At first I was like, umm...really?! But now, I think I understand.
I want to eat him.  


  1. tooo CUTE and he looks adorable in his johnny jump up! id want to eat him up too! hes a CUTIE

  2. Can I PLEASE meet this adorable baby! HE is SO CUTE!


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