Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wife of the Year Award

McKay plays church ball on Wednesdays. Sometimes, it's hard for me because Wednesday nights are the nights that X-Factor, Modern Family, and Revenge are all on (I know, we sound like bums, but these are our favorite shows...all in one night). Anyways, when McKay plays church ball, I have to wait until the next day to watch these shows (he gets mad if I watch them without him).

This particular Wednesday I was really excited for him to get home. I had spent the whole time he was gone writing helping Chad with his admissions essay and missing my shows. I got really excited, as I always do, when I heard the garage door open. Then I noticed, it was taking a long time for McKay to come upstairs. Finally, he got to the door, collapsed flat on the floor and said that he sprained his ankle and that it was "kiiiiiiiillllling him." Our conversation went something like this:

Me: What happened?

McKay: I sprained my ankle. I jumped and it totally folded when I landed.

Me: Ouch!

McKay: It's already starting to swell...look.

Me: Oohhh (thinking: umm  ?  I don't see swelling)

McKay: (starting to get frantic) OHHH. MYYY. GOOOOSHHH. it hurts. Can you get a pillow? Hurry! HUURRRRRYYYYYY! Yes, put it under it. NO! NO! Move the pillow. AHHHHHHHH! HURRYYYY. Can you get another one? UUUGGGHHHHHH. Ugh. Ugh. (exhales) Thanks.
It feels like it's broken or something.

It was at this moment that I started to get less sympathetic. I know...I know...bad wife. But, let me translate sickness into McKay's reaction to sickness:

The common cold= being suffocated

The flu= child labor

Bronchitis= death

And just to throw it in there, a quote by McKay the last time he was sick:

"I now know what labor feels like."

So, have a little sympathy for me as I was a little more unsympathetic to him as I should have been. Of course, I got him pillows, ice, and anything he wanted, but inside...didn't have much sympathy.

This is the worst part:

Aside from McKay's ankle, we were in the process of painting our family room. Our house is painted a cool taupe color, so I could wait to paint the family room something warmer. We had painted the first coat, but still had to do the second. Only ONE MORE coat I thought...we could do it..."sprained" ankle and all. When I asked McKay if we could finish it, he said we could, but the expression on his face was like "Really? With my ankle?" He was walking on it around the house and at would it really be hard to stand in one place and paint a wall? Well... he didn't just paint a wall. He rolled the ceiling, stood on a ladder, chair, and he did it until midnight. Tough husband. Bad wife.

So our family room was painted, I was happy. McKay was kinda limping, not complaining. As someone who NEVER played sports, I though Oh, a sprined ankle, it's like a skinned knee. It hurts. It's annoying, but you get through it and it heals...right?

WRONG. The next day, McKay showed me this:

Umm...okay...time for a doctor, maybe?

McKay woke up the next morning and went to the Walk-in Clinic. He was texting me while I was getting ready, updating me during his appointment. "Going in...Doctor says it's good the swelling has gone down...He wants to do an x-ray." 

The next text, following the "Going in for the x-ray text," I received this:

"Diagnosis: Avulsion Fracture."
...and a lot of guilt for me.

So here we are today:

Worst. Wife. Ever.

Dear McKay,

I'm sorry for not believing you about your ankle. I promise I will do everything I can to take care of it until it is better. I will go to the store for you, prop it up with pillows, stay up with you during the night if you are uncomfortable, get you ice packs, and do anything else you want me to. I am really really sorry. 

I love you,


P.S. Thanks for painting the family room...


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  1. Ali!! I loved this post! you are such a great writer! I was cracking up the whole time...poor mckay's foot. Miss you guys!!


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