Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

1. I just had to take a picture of this. Lexi and Laci were over playing and I was in our room doing something. I peeked into the bonus room to check on them and I saw this... so dang cute! These girls love their nephew!

2. Jax and I went to grandmas to decorate Christmas cookies with the girls!

Lacers in her Santa hat! haha!...which she also wore to preschool!

Lexi frosting and grandmas loving on Jaxboy!

3. Grandma and grandpa Walker sent us a box full of fun things. This was an "open before Christmas" present. It's our first Christmas book! Thank you so much grandma and grandpa Walker!

4. The Pace's came to visit us! They were our favorite people to hang out with in Rexburg and we were so excited that they came to see us in Washington. We really miss them! Finally our two boys got to meet! Jax and Jackson...cutest boys around and their daddy's little clones.

Love this one! haha

Do they not look EXACTLY like their dads?!

Brighton and me during the summer...


Umm excuse the no makeup and robe...at least Brighton looks cute!

We had so much fun when they came. We had a yummy mexican dinner and then came home and just hung out with our baby boys. The next morning we had a fun breakfast and then they were off for Christmas Eve festivities with Juston's family. Thank you so much for coming guys! We miss you already.

5. Lexi and Lace came over Christmas Eve! 

Laci and McKay chatted by the fire

Lexi tried to show Jax his presents...so Laci covered his eyes.

And we painted nails. It's hard to choose one color!

And the next day was CHRISTMAS... :)

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