Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas this year was amazing. It was so much fun to be in our little house with our little Jax! Last year at this time I was 10 weeks pregnant and so sick and so this was McKay and my first "real" Christmas together when I could function. We were so excited to start our own traditions. One thing that I could wait to do was read a Christmas story before bed on Christmas Eve. McKay's parents sent us our first Christmas book and so we all got in our jammies, grabbed the book and cuddled in bed. Jax fell asleep on me before we could start reading. That was okay...I still grabbed the camera to take a few pictures of our family. 

Christmas Eve

It was very exhausting for McKay I guess...

...because before I knew it, he was asleep. 
Christmas story next year guys??

Christmas Day

Oh P.S... McKay and I are seven years old. On Christmas morning we woke up at 6:30 and ran downstairs to open our stockings from each other. We were so excited! This year, we just did stockings and had fun buying presents just for Jax. After our stockings, we went upstairs to start getting ready for church before Jax woke up. To our surprise, he was waking up! ...and VERY excited for Christmas!


We picked him up and told him it was Christmas and after that, he was happy and so excited! We all ran downstairs to see what Santa left for Jax. Dad had opened up a couple of the presents, but we still decided to put them by his stocking!

Christmas is so much more fun with a baby boy!

I love this picture! haha. I love it when Jax does this with his face! I think it is the cutest face and it makes me want to eat him!

After presents we headed to church with my family. We came home and got to TALK TO CODY! Oh my gosh it was so much fun. We got to hear some neat stories and we all laughed a lot. I sure miss that boy, but am so proud of him. Jax is so lucky to have so many great uncles to look up to. They all love him so much and are the best examples. Jax even talked to Cody!

We played by the tree after we opened presents from grandpa.

"Give mommy kisses Jax!"

andddd...my camera broke! So THE END.

Just kidding...but I have no more pictures of Christmas day. After we opened presents with my dad we had yummy quiche and watched family videos of my dad and his siblings when they were young. Then we were off to my grandma and grandpa's house to open presents with all the cousins. Then we went to my momma's to have Christmas there...then back to my grandma and grandpas for the BEST DINNER OF. MY. LIFE. My grandpa should seriously have a cooking show. Not kidding!

Oh yes...we spent the next day in our element. I took down all the Christmas decorations (am I the only person in the world who can't wait to do this? I'm weird...but for some reason I am like this) and I cleaned the family room. It was fun! Seriously...it was.
McKay organized all of his million new tools and Jax played with his new toys!

Aside from all the presents and fun, I loved Christmas the most this year because it was on a Sunday. It was so neat to begin the day going to church, surrounded by my family and thinking about Christ, His birth, and all that He did for us. 

President Duce gave an amazing talk during sacrament meeting. He talked about Christ and the time we spent witnessing everything He did before we came to this earth. He said that he is sure we weren’t surprised when He performed amazing miracles like create the earth, raise people from the dead or heal sickness. We knew that Christ was amazing and perfect and could do miraculous things! But then he talked about how surprised we must have been that Christ was so rejected and eventually crucified. He said something that really stuck with me. He said that when we lived in the preexistence and knew we would come to earth, we probably thought that we wouldn’t have a hard time following Christ or trusting in Him. It is so true. I’m sure that as I watched Jesus Christ perform miracles and not only that, but talked with Him face-to-face, that I thought it would be easy to follow Him when I was on the earth. What might have surprised me, was that it would be hard sometimes. 

Christmas this year made me want to be better!

On Christmas Eve, McKay and I were driving in the car and taking turns saying things we were grateful for. It surprised me how many things we were able to list off...things I wouldn't even normally think to acknowledge! We decided we need to do that more often!

  I am so grateful for the gospel, for the peace it brings, for communication with my Heavenly Father through prayer. I love being a mom. I am so grateful for my little boy. I am grateful for our home. I am grateful for empty rooms for our growing family. I am grateful for the closeness than I have with my brothers and sisters. I am so grateful that I’m so close to my grandparents. I am grateful for my dad’s example and my mom’s understanding. I am so grateful to have the parents I do! I'm grateful that my husband is my best friend. I am grateful we got to talk to Cody! I am grateful for my many examples. I am so grateful for the Atonement. I can’t believe that God can accept us for all of our mistakes and forgive us again and again…especially me! I have so much to work on, but I am grateful for hope to do it. I am really happy. This was a great Christmas and I am grateful for the peace that I feel…and for a cute five-month-year-old sleeping on his cute daddy right now!

I hope everyone had the best Christmas!

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