Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sister Photoshoot

Ever since I was pregnant, I have wanted to be better at photography so that I could take pictures of my kids as they grew. When I got pregnant, I was actually taking a photography class at school. That class happened to be during months two and three of my pregnancy...some of the worst months. Needless to say, I stopped focusing on the lectures and started focusing on not puking during class. We had to do a "self-portrait" and I just took a picture of my face- no makeup, in pajamas and labeled it "Morning Sickness" haha.

Well, I decided to keep working on what I started and made Laci do a little photoshoot with me this week (I promised her a treat afterwards). She lasted about five minutes, but luckily, I still got some good pictures because she is so dang cute... and later we got to go to Henry's Donuts! 

I am still learning with the camera and if anyone has any tips, tricks or things they have learned...I would LOVE to know them! :)

Here are my favorites

1 comment:

  1. She is such a doll baby! Uncle Dean says "She's a little Ham!" Love you guys :)


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