Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween Day

We dressed Jax up for the third time in his chick costume and took him around to his grandma and grandpa's houses. It was so much fun seeing him, Lexi and Laci all dressed up in their costumes. They are all so dang cute! This year, Lexi and Laci were Monster High dolls. If you don't know what that is, they are monsters who go to high school (I think...?) 
Whatever happened to my two little sisters wanting to be princesses every year???
Lexi was the mummy doll and Laci was the frankenstein... they are sure cute monsters though!

Our first stop was grandma's house to see the girls!


Next we went with the girls to great-grandma and grandpa's house!

Then, we went to grandpa's house for the rest of the night!
Jax was a little tired at first from all the traveling...

...but grandpa calmed him right down!

And it was a great first Halloween for Jax!

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