Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Little Chick

Okay... so once again, I have made a goal to keep up with this blog. My camera is dead with the pictures from I thought I would do a little pre-Halloween post! This was Jax's first Halloween, so we took every chance we could to dress him up in his costume. He was a chick. At first we were calling him a chicken, then we decided he looked like a duck, and then we decided that he was a baby chick...what do you think the costume looks like? haha

The first place we went was our ward Halloween party. It was so much fun dressing Jax up and seeing all of the cute kids running around in their costumes. We love are new ward and are really excited because there are a lot of young families which means LOTS of kids. Since Jax probably won't be getting cousins any time soon, we are glad that he will have so many friends at church!

Get ready for a picture overload...I am kind of obsessed with this guy!

He slept for a lot of the time in his car seat. He always furrows his eyebrows when he sleeps in his car makes it impossible not to kiss him and when I do that, I sometimes wake him up...oh well...then I get to hold him! I also love how his cheeks always rest on his chest. IMPOSSIBLE. NOT. TO. KISS.

The next day I really wanted to get some pictures of Jax in his costume by some pumpkins, so I drug McKay and Jax to Country Village to get a picture of him with some pumpkins and bales of hay. Lots of people came and commented on how cute "she" was...and this only reaffirmed to McKay that he was not a fan of the tights. I thought they were very cute.

At this point, we thought that the costume was a duck, so we took Jax to meet the ducks at Country Village...



My favorite...

And I tried to get a few more close-ups of Jaxboy, but he was feeling done....but I love this picture because he is so cute when he cries!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Ali. He is so freakin adorable! Makes me so baby hungry!


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