Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Months

My baby boy turned TWO MONTHS OLD yesterday! 
These last two months have been the happiest of my life...and it just keeps getting better! Jax is so sweet and so much fun. He is smiling more and even starting to laugh! I am so in love with him. 
There is one un-fun part about turning two months though...two month shots. Jax had his two month shots yesterday and it was the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. I don't know if I can be in the room for his four-month shots. I have never seen my baby boy so sad. He cried for about three minutes straight afterwards...and I cried off-and-on for the entire rest of the day. We hate shots.

Two Months

His eyelashes are getting really long and dark!
When we are home all day, he doesn't really like naps-just 20 minutes here and there
Still loves his bath
Loves to lay on his play mat and look up at the toys
Loves to look at the TV
Loves to talk to mommy and daddy-always makes little sounds
Starting to laugh a little bit- we can't figure out what makes him laugh yet though!
Smiles ALL the time! He's such a happy baby
Wears the same diapers Laci wore when she was potty-training
Has the cutest, CUTEST chubby little hands
Still makes little sounds when he sleeps
Wakes up about 1-2 times during the night and falls right back to sleep after he eats
Likes to be held out and sit up like a big boy
Is really used to camera flashes
Has to have mommy sit in the back seat of the car with him when he's awake
Loves church-is always very calm at church
Loves to watch his aunts Lexi and Laci play
Has a really cute mullet in the back
Still has hairy shoulders! I love them
Doesn't get the hiccups as much as he used to
Smiles all the time in his sleep
Laughs sometimes in his sleep too!
Sleeps better on mommy and daddy than he does in his bed (oops! haha)


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