Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello from us! :)

We are all moved in and comfy in our new house. We are so happy here! We don't have much furniture but it's so much fun just adding to it little by little. I keep thinking that I don't want to post pictures at least until we have it furnished a little more...but that might be a while so I will post some this week after our couches get here!

Jax is doing great. He gets cuter and cuter every day which seems impossible, but it happens! Every day he does something new and cute that makes me melt! He is the sweetest and most fun little boy. We are getting him to laugh all the time now and he lays next to us and talks and talks and talks...he is going to be just like his dad, and I am excited! McKay has been working with him to roll over so that he will be "ahead," and I just want him to stay my baby forever...which he will be! I don't know what he is going to be for Halloween yet. He has a chicken costume that is so cute but McKay said that he can not wear that so we have to figure out something else I guess! Any ideas?

This weekend was so much fun. I have to thank McKay for spending his one day of relaxing in Seattle with Poor guy. I had a few errands to run and promised him that it would only be a few hours. We left at before noon and got home after five. That's how it always happens. It was such a nice day yesterday though and it was fun just walking around outside and pushing Jax in the stroller. When we got home, we went to dinner with my dad and Stacey and that was so much fun too!

Well Jax boy is sleeping right now so I should probably go get a few things done! There ya go...a little Walker update! 

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  1. such a sweet picture, Ali! The look in his eyes reminds me of a little you :)


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