Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, McKay has been reminding me to post these pictures...

We went to The Band Perry concert a little while ago and had SO MUCH FUN. Since McKay and I met, I have been trying to convert him to country music, and this band was the first country band that he loved. The concert was such a blast. The lead singer, Kim has the cutest accent and personality. I wish I was like her and I really want her to marry one of my brothers.

As we were leaving, I decided that I really wanted a picture of the band with Jax. When we saw the line we changed our minds. McKay was joking and said, "just look for one of your friends in line." We all laughed knowing that none of our friends were there. All of the sudden...I heard "Aliiiiiii!" And Emily Bigler was in line! THANK YOU EMILY!

Here are our pictures from the night!

 Loving it!

Thank you Emily!

Someday you'll thank us Jax...

Also, Kim told us that if we even needed a babysitter...the band would!
Me and McKay seriously left sad...wishing that we could be friends with them...


  1. ALi! You guys are such a cute family. I thought that pic with the band was photo shopped! haha That is so cute with them holding jax. Love it. Miss you guys!


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