Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SOOO close to being done with school! Graduation is next month on the twenty-second. We are so excited! Right now, I am sitting at school waiting for McKay to be done with work so I thought I would do a little update. (The pregnancy picture is not the best of me...but you can see the tummy!)

#1. Baby is coming in only FIVE WEEKS (or less). I can't believe it. He is really moving now. Most people who see me say that I don't look thirty-five weeks, but I definitely am feeling like it. Today we had to walk up a hill and McKay said we were walking "like sloths," haha well...that is how I feel! I have never had so little energy in my life. The biggest challenge for me is making dinner. Right now we are making our food "stretch" as long as we can this week so we don't have to spend as much on groceries. This is great for me, because all I want to eat are sandwiches and toast and walking around the grocery store takes my energy of the entire day. McKay is definitely being a trooper. I am really, really LUCKY. Today McKay and I were sitting in devotional and I kept being jolted by little knees (or elbows) to my ribs. I still can't tell what anything is. The baby gets the hiccups every day- at least once a day and usually more than once. It is the cutest thing. I keep thinking about holding him and looking at his tiny hands and feet. I am always amazed at how tiny the hands and feet of newborns are. I have taken out his clothes and re-folded them so many times. I just can't wait for him to get here...

#2. I can't believe we are moving out of Rexburg soon. It seems like since we have been married, I haven't been able to wait until we could move, but I am starting to get kind of sad. This is where McKay and I met and had our first home! The end of next month is going to be so exciting/CRAZY. McKay graduates on the 22nd and the baby is due on the 25th. Luckily, family will be here and will be such a big help. As sad as leaving Rexburg will be, I CAN'T WAIT until we are in Washington. There are so many fun things I want to do with McKay there and I am so happy that I will finally get to be near my family. We can't wait for Chad and Jared's games and to watch Lexi and Laci grow up. It will be so much fun to be in a family ward too. Our ward here has been great but I miss being in a ward with a Primary! 

#3. I really need cute nursery ideas! I have been looking for months and months and have found nothing that I like. I am a little picky with baby stuff- I don't like anything with little animals on it and so finding things for our baby boy is hard! I think I am going to do the nursery in all really textured things. We have this beautiful crib... and almost no bedding! (I will make this crib "boy-ish")...even McKay believes me. 

Also, I am OBSESSED with Ralph Lauren baby clothes. I have a wish list on the website. I know..."wish." Haha. If anyone is looking for cute baby boy clothes...you should look at Ralph Lauren. My two favorite places so far are Baby Gap and that website...let me know if anyone knows of any other cute ones!

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  1. I love that bed! It is so cute! And I know you will make it look even cuter! What colors are you doing in the nursery??


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