Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time is going SLOW...we have 4.5 more weeks here. I know that every post, I mention how excited I am for the end of July...but I am REALLY excited for the end of July.

Today was a stressful day. First of all...McKay and I have class at 9:45 and leave by 9:30. We woke up at 9:21. Second of all, I came home from school a little grumpy, charged my iPod while cleaning the apartment and then left to go lay out in our 80ish-degree weather. I was really excited to lay out after having so many months of being sick, pale and feeling gross. I didn't realize how fast pregnant-skin burns. Oh my gosh...I am FRIED. We have no aloe vera and I made McKay go to the grocery store twice today, so I didn't want to make him go a third time to get me aloe. I have been rubbing lotion on myself all night...does that help? I have no idea.

Right now it is 12:42 and I am really tired...but I can't fall asleep without McKay and he is busy finishing Harry Potter. I really love it when he reads though so I don't care. I am just sitting with my burn in our 75-degree apartment, pregnant, with no air-conditioning. :)

I am so happy right now though because we scheduled an AMAZING photographer for newborn pictures. I didn't realize that you have to schedule appointments two months out- this girl was full, but I begged her to squeeze us in and she agreed! I was so relieved!

Anyways, this was kind of a rambling post...but I feel like talking and I think McKay moved into the other room so I would stop talking to him...haha

Goodnight! :)

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