Saturday, June 18, 2011

We got our cute pack and play!

            Last weekend, Mckay's family came up and took us to Toys R' Us to find a pack and play for the baby! We have been wanting on of these so bad and were so excited that they offered to get us one. WE couldn't find the one we wanted there, so we searched online until we found what we wanted and McKay's parents ordered it for us. Since we are moving to Washington about a week after our little boy is born, we aren't setting up a crib here. This will be a perfect little bed for the first week. We were so excited to set it up and McKay put it in our room just so we could see what it would be like. I forgot that he had put it in there and walked in our room to get something and was SO excited to see this little crib by our bed. We are so excited for five more weeks from now. Thanks again mom and dad Walker! 

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