Monday, April 4, 2011


WELLL McKay and I just got back from a weekend in Boise with the Walker fam! It was SO much fun! We always love being there and are so sad all the way back to Rexburg. Conference was AMAZING and it was so good to be able to watch it with our family.

We got there late Friday night and stayed up with all the siblings watching YouTube videos. Then, on Saturday, we got up to watch conference and later made Japanese food (my favorite tradition that I always hope we are doing when we go there). Then, the boys went to the Priesthood Session and I got to have some majorly-needed catch-up time with my sis Maddi! It was the best and we really needed it. This was the first semester since we met that we were four hours apart and it was not fun.

On Sunday we woke up to yummy cinnamon rolls that McKay's mom made and more conference! Then we headed over to their grandpa's house for the second session.

I was SO incredibly touched by Elder Scott's talk. It is so nice to have reminders of the sanctity and sacredness of a marriage and how blessed we are to have the ability to be together for eternity. I loved feeling the love and respect that Elder Scott had for his wife and imagining the amazing person she must be! Every time we have the chance to hear from the amazing leaders we have, I am so humbled and grateful to have so many examples in my life. I am so grateful to have so many people in my family and McKay's family to look up to too! It was a great that definitely gave me perspective.

We got back to Rexburg last night. My family is at our lakehouse and so I had fun skyping all of them. Guess what...Ron went to the store and came back with a tiny little 5 week old black lab....SURPRISE!! Actually...if you know my family, you shouldn't be surprised...both the parents and kids regularly come home with baby animals. I think in high school I alone brought home two kittens and a puppy.

Anyways...McKay and I have a fun couple weeks ahead of us! This weekend we are driving back to Boise and flying to Washington for OVER A WEEK (I AM SO EXCITED!!!) and then starting a new semester with both of us in school (and Maddi will be here :) ) WAHOO!

I have THE BEST family...haha


5 more days...!

P.S. If anyone wants to watch Conference, go here:

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