Thursday, April 14, 2011

UPDATE! :) ... We are in Washington. It is SO GOOD to be home. I never want to go back to Idaho...except we have to...for only ONE MORE SEMESTER!!! :) And then we are both DONE! We are so excited!

Mostly we are just hanging out with the family. My mom does our laundry,  makes us food every night and I get to be with all my brothers and sisters every day. I am always really really depressed when we leave.

The baby has been kicking like usual! He is going to be an active little boy just like his dad and my bros.

We will be here until Monday and then we have to go back to Rexy. I am really excited though because I am coming home the next week for Cody's farewell and then to Utah when he goes to the MTC! I can't wait to send him packagesss :)

SO cute...

Chad and Laci fighting over Laci's cat...

Boys playing basketball every day...

Haircut Night! 
(sorry about the fat pregnant body..haha)

Our new cutie little puppy Bella!

Monopoly...I am bad...




I don't want to leave.

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