Friday, April 1, 2011

This morning our little boy woke me up KICKING like he has done for the past three days. He is crazy in there! It's so funny because I used to just feel him below my bellybutton and now I feel him everywhere. I remember my mom telling me that she had to push her babies out of her ribs. I can feel our baby kicking up in my ribs...but he is too little to push out! Being pregnant is so much fun. Sometimes I will be lying on the couch and the baby will be still like he is sleeping and McKay will come home and softly push on my tummy and the baby will start kicking. It's the best!

Last night McKay had a night with the boys. He left telling me he would be home around 10:00, but at 1:00am I called, and he said he was "almost home." Haha oh well...he deserves it.

He went to Idaho Falls with some of his good friends Jason Clark, Chris Folkersen and Will Smith for Chris's 24th birthday. The boys had a lot of fun. I just wanted to give a little "mention" of these guys..

Jason Clark
Jason is always making us laugh. He loves sports and to make up raps with Chris. 

Chris Folkersen
Chris is a great guy. McKay and him like to watch soccer together, snowboard and Chris likes to play FIFA. 

Will Smith
Will is really nice and fun. He likes to watch sports and go to the gym.

Happy Birthday Chris

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