Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update! :) Things have been a little busy since we just started school for our LAST SEMESTER (YAYYY!!!!) I never though I would say this...but it's so nice to be back at school. Last semester I ended up being home the whole time since since I was so sick...and sitting on a couch every day for four months was horrible. McKay will graduate in July with a Business Degree in Marketing and I will be done with my Associates (I have actually be done for two semesters so I am going to school for nothing haha). But I am taking just two classes that I LOVE...Children's Lit. and Parenting. They are both amazing and I love them! Maybe sometime in the future I will finish my Bachelors...probably not haha. I would rather go to hair school. Most of all, I would rather be a mommy!

Our baby is a little mover! I think he now permanently has his feet in my ribs. He kicks and rolls ALL THE TIME and it is so fun. Now he is big enough that if we just watch my tummy, we can see it move. McKay still thinks it is a little weird to see my whole stomach shift...but I LOVE it! We can't wait for him to be here! ...Less than three months :) Oh, and thanks to my family, he now has a wardrobe until he is two.

We can't wait for Tuesday to go to Utah with my family. Cody is reporting to the MTC on WEDNESDAY! Me and McKay are SO excited for him. He's going to be the best missionary.

And...tomorrow is Maddi's BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Mads!!!! We love you! :)


  1. Oh goodness, taking children's lit would be so fun. Good luck wrapping up the semester -- to you AND Mckay!

  2. youll be an AMAZING mommy ali!!!! cant wait to see pictures of mini mckay hehehe! tell cody conrats for us!!!! and that were soo proud of him


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