Monday, March 28, 2011

Again...this month I have been horrible at blogging! It has been a busy month for us though so I thought I would give a little update on what we have been up to...

A week ago McKay and I had our first few days apart since we were married. It was really hard and we missed each other a lot, but we got to do some fun things! I went to Washington to spend time with my family which was SO nice. I spent the first couple days laying around at home relaxing and playing with my little sister Laci until the boys got home from school and work. It felt like I was in high school again! My mom even made me lunch every day (thanks mom!). Then, we did a little bit of shopping with my mom, grandma, Zach and Cody. We got the cutest little boy clothes I have seen EVER and I got some cute maternity clothes. I am at an awkward stage in my pregnancy...right in-between regular clothes and maternity clothes and so I have been staying in my normal clothes. Oh my gosh, maternity clothes are SO much more comfortable I found out. I wear them every day!

While I was at home being lazy and shopping, McKay and some of his best friends had a boys weekend. They made the ten-hour drive to Denver to watch BYU play. He had so much fun and it was well-deserved!

After our weekends apart though, we were SO HAPPY to be back together again! It felt like we had been apart for a year. haha

This last weekend, McKay and two of his friends were in a basketball tournament. My friend Brighton and I had fun watching the boys play and talking the whole time! It is crazy to think that last year at this time I wasn't even engaged yet, and now we are married and waiting for our little boy to come! Brighton and Juston are also expecting, and are due in October! We are so so excited for them!

I can't even describe how excited I am that this semester is almost over. I am ready for it to be summer here! We woke up this morning to TONS of snow outside...only in Rexburg. :)

This next weekend we are going to Boise for General Conference weekend with McKay's family. Last year at this time, we spent General Conference weekend in Boise too...and it was the first time I met the Walkers! haha

In two weeks we are going back to Washington for our whole break in-between semesters! I am so excited every time we are going to Washington and I always count down the days. (12 more days!)


  1. Cute ali! How do you do all your cute blog headers?

  2. I find the basic layout of them online (the have them on shabbyblogs) and then I use photoshop to change them and edit them a little! You could totally do it!

  3. This is your greatest post right here. We all look dead.


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