Saturday, October 23, 2010

Date Night!

Last night we had the best date night...and Maddi and Cam came along too! We went to Guitars Unplugged at the school first THEN we were really hungry. First we went to Twizzleberry and ate a lot of testers but the boys wanted "real food." We ended up just parking and walking around until we saw the dollar theatre with "free donuts" inside! Maddi ran into the door because she was so excited to get the free donuts. We got inside and a man told us that we could only have the donuts after our movie. We bought tickets, popcorn and some soda and went to Salt. It was amazing! McKay and I loved it but Maddi and Cam got kinda bored. It was really sad though because when we came out of our movie...the donuts were gone.

1 comment:

  1. We went to a movie too!!! We went to inception. When our movie got out we got doughnuts. Sorry they were gone when you got there! There is half of one in our apartment in a baggie if you want it. They were HUGE! haha! :)


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