Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

A few months ago I was teaching Sharing Time to the Primary kids. I don't even remember what the topic was that day, but at some point during the Sharing Time I was baring my testimony about Heavenly Father's love for the children in that room. I was telling them how He knows them more than anyone else, even more than they know themselves- then I began to say the Heavenly Father loves them even more than their parents loved them, and I couldn't bring myself to say it. I stopped and flipped a few words around and ended up saying something else and then I concluded my testimony.

I remember being really little and having Brother McCord home teach our family. He came every month. Sometimes when he came we sulked a little walking to the living room. We knew we were in for a long and well-thought-out lesson. We always ended up enjoying it though and I still remember little details of his lessons even though I was so little. I remember him once testifying of God's love for us and telling us that Heavenly Father loved us even more than our mom and dad loved us. When he left that day I was a little mad. I couldn't comprehend anyone loving me more than my mom did- even Heavenly Father.

Today I feel differently about that. Today I think that if I could choose three things for my kids to learn and know with a surety throughout their entire lives, one of them would be that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them more than anyone on earth or in heaven. That though I love them even more than I myself can begin to comprehend, that their Heavenly Father loves them even more. I think that with that knowledge, they could get through just about anything. They could face trials and know that they are for their good. They could rejoice in accomplishments and opportinities and know who to thank. They would know that they have two well-meaning, imperfect, very grateful earthly parents who love them more than any other thing on this earth and though they can sometimes more tangibly see and physically feel that love- that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them even more.

I'm lucky to have a mom who has always made sure we know she loves us unconditionally. Our relationship with her has always been pretty unique because no matter what we did, what we were thinking about, what we were wondering- we could always go to her. Our questions or desires or need for love would always be reciprocated with even more love. It's one of the reasons i've always felt secure. I've always felt confident. I've never felt alone and always felt loved. Because of my mom and with her help I think I can get through just about anything. She knows what to say and knows what to do. But this year I am learning why we need to believe in a love that is more. A love that is all-knowing. Because only Heavenly Father knows what we need in our lives to become more like Him. And with a testimony of His perfect love for us, we can be assured that those trials are completely for our benefit and learning and will eventually allow us to experience even more joy.

So I hope my kiddos know that they have a mom who loves them more than I know how to put in to words; but still, a Heavenly Father who loves them even more.

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