Thursday, December 15, 2016

Snow Day! (and Cash is SEVEN months!)

Okay, so very beginning of this month, it snowed a little. We got home from church and our grass was just barely sprinkled (70% green still) and the boys were SO EXCITED. Jax screamed at me to go get his mittens hahaha. So I did and they played in the backyard in the snow for probably like an hour! McKay and I sat on their beanbag by the sliding door and just watched. I am such a wimp in the snow. I hate the cold. Then a week (ish) late it REALLY snowed. That was this day. They were in heaven. I procrastinated for a little going outside, but they were so excited that we had to get out there. I bundled them up in pajamas and the warmest things I could find (all our snow clothes were up in storage in the garage). I think I used socks for gloves hahaha. Anyways, I still had to tell them to come inside when it got too cold! These guys love the snow. When we first got out there Jax started throwing snowballs at Jonah which explains the Jonah crying pics, but we got Jax back! Cash was his perfect, happy little self in his carseat on the porch until I grabbed him and made him take pictures in his first snow. Which he didn't mind either! He was pretty much just a stiff little snow baby in his coat. Cutest snow baby in the world. Then we went inside and got warm blankets out of the dryer and drank hot chocolate. I remember Momma Donna doing that for us in Colorado, so I'm always going to do that for my kids. We they love the snow! McKay had the idea to go sledding in the mountains as a family. I was like "uhhhh fuuuuunn...." Hopefully he forgets. 

And Cash, you at seven months!...

love to be held...all the time! And I don't mind at all. Seriously! You love to be swaddled on mommy, so we got a new one for bigger babies and you love that too. You fall asleep in it sometimes. We wear it shopping, at church, at home, pretty much anywhere! And you love it! (but I love it more)

hang out with daddy at church. Since I am in Primary, I don't want you around a bunch of sick kiddos, so you hang out with dad lately (part of it is because I have been teaching a lot of sharing times!) I really miss you at church. Usually after church I just grab you and we cuddle on the couch because I miss you so much Sunday mornings. 

I take you to Ward Council with me and you are perfect. Papa John sometimes steals you and you just sit on his lap until you lay back and fall asleep. Everyone loves you. Everyone wants to play with you and talk to you because you smile at EVERYONE. I have had to ask people to not touch you a couple times! hahaha

usually take a nap in the morning around 10 or 11 and then you wake up around three times at night...more or less. Sometimes much, much more hahahaha. It's okay though. I love snuggling you!

We can always get you to smile. Even if you are crying and sad and so tired and fussy, if we try, we can ALWAYS get you to smile. I would say 99% of the time. So many people have said that they have never seen a baby as happy as you!

still LOVE baths. 

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