Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Are Back

Ahh! Where do I even begin? How in the world has it been so long since I blogged? Part of me is sad that I haven't done so well with documenting and part of me is slightly excited cause I think most people forgot about this thing so I will just write whatever I want...which is how freaking cute my kiddos are and how obsessed with them I am.

Two more months until baby boy. These pics are from last month in Hawaii. We went during Valentine's Day week. It was warm and sunny and sandy (really sandy) and we spent time on the beach until the boys cried from sand in their eyes and then the rest of the time was spent in the hot tub (yes- Jax is OBSESSED with the hot tub- even in 80 degree weather. Jonah too). McKay spent a lot of time running after the boys and videoing them and 6-month pregnant me tried to keep up but most of the time ended up in the nearest seat watching them and kinda feeling guilty (but I had a really good book to read). It was good to get back home. I am always excited to get back home at the end of a trip. I was talking to my friend about it and she said, you know, I think about it sometimes and I am happy I have a life that I don't want a vacation from. Me too. 

We got home and first thing I did was get rid of our cat. Uhh...how many cats have we gone through since I updated this thing. I think four. Not even kidding. There were the two kittens we attempted to take from my mom (but they were ugly and I couldn't commit). And then there was Nolan who ran away. Then there was Lola. The cutest Persian kitten I had ever seen that we gave to Jax in November that I ran over with my car- but she didn't die, she just had to get femur surgery and go through a 6-week recovery in a cage in my kitchen and then when we got back from Hawaii I wondered to myself what I was doing stressing over a cat when I already have two kids and am about to have another one. 

I tried for a really long time. When the boys went to bed I would cuddle Lola and squish her face so she would look really cute to me and I would try to love her (and I kind of did). But then I would get up from my couch and have to lint-roll her fur off my pants. Sometimes I would cook in the kitchen and see a floating cat hair. Some people can live like that. I can't. But still, I really really made an effort to try to become one of them. So we got back from Hawaii and she had fleas. Fun fact: fleas bite cats and then poop out the cat blood. It just looks like little black specks on the cat. Anyways- got back from Hawaii and stuck Lola in the bath- black specks and fleas, etc. Right when I stuck her under the water, the water turned brownish-red from the black specks and then she shook ALL OVER me. That was the exact moment I realized I was done. 

I built up the courage to talk to Jax about it. I knew Jonah wouldn't care. He has a love/hate relationship with animals. Jax loved Lola though. He would cuddle her in the mornings and draw pictures of him and her together. When Nolan ran away, he drew pictures of sad cats (that's kind of why we got Lola). It took me a few days to talk to him about it. One day, I was in the laundry room and I just had a feeling it was the time. He was standing right outside the room on the rug by the garage door and I squatted down next to him and said, you know what?! The baby is coming really really soon. We need to get our house ready for the baby. We might have to make some changes so that we can be all ready for your new little brother when he comes. And right then Jax looked me in the eyes and sighed and said, "We have to give away Lola." I was a little caught off guard. But replied, ya...we do. And for just a second he got teary-eyed and sad. But then I told him how fun a newborn was. And how special it would be to hold his new baby brother. And we talked about when Jonah was born and about when they met in the hospital. And then we spent two hours going through newborn pictures of him and Jonah and telling stories. He laughed at the story of when he had a blowout all over McKay and me in the middle of the night and made me tell it over and over. After that, he was fine. That Saturday, a lady came to get Lola. Jax and Jonah were upstairs building a fort with grandpa when she came. Then we went to Dairy Queen. We played outside all day that day and while McKay and I were washing the van in the driveway, Jax found a worm with our neighbor and said, "Mom, I'm not sad about Lola anymore because now I have a pet worm."

He has been fine with it ever since. Jonah on the other hand...we were sitting in the driveway (weeks?) later and he randomly goes, "Where's my cat?" LOL

OH and P.S. Lola's new mom took her to the vet to get her femur pins out and turns out...Lola is a BOY. I probably would have been slightly mad when she never got pregnant and started spraying all over my house. hahahahah

Jax and Jonah can't wait for their new brother. Jax has felt the baby kick a lot. Tonight we were watching family videos and YouTube stuff and he asked if he could feel the baby. He is going to be the best big brother. He already is. He is so patient with Jonah. So patient and sweet and thoughtful. Jonah is confident and tough and cuddly. Almost every day he says to me, "Mom! Nuggle me on couch?!" And we get a blanket and he lays straight down my body, on top of the baby who kicks him sometimes. I am preparing myself for the mom guilt of a third. But I think it's possible to split my time in a way that I won't feel like that. I am enjoying every age. I love every age. Except I'm not looking forward to Kindergarten. Jax can't wait though. He has his Kindergarten shots tomorrow and then we are going straight to Toys R. Us just like my mom always did with us. 

I am going to update this blog more. It makes me sad that I stopped. 


  1. I LOVE these pictures! I need to get out and practice with my camera more so my pictures can look more like yours. So happy to hear you are having another boy :) Congrats!

  2. I love that you're back. Your blog was/is always one of my favorites. Also.... Beautiful photos.... I WISH I could always have nice pretty pictures of my children.... Oh well, guess I'll settle for grainy iPhone pics


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