Friday, May 29, 2015

Three crazy weeks, all in a row.

May has been totally CRA-AZYY. Where has it gone?! Is it seriously almost June?! I keep playing "just yesterdays" in my mind and then I double-think and realize that the thing I was just thinking about was actually in March. What the. How can it be almost summer? A couple weeks ago, Jason, Jan and Ellie were here. It was the first time we have seen them since Ellie was born. McKay and I have met some great people in Washington, but no one quite like Jason and Jan. It's hard to find that click with friends. It doesn't happen very often. We spent the weekend eating and talking mostly. You know those really good Sundays when you come home from church all rejuvenated and inspired with hopefulness and excitement and goal-filled minds? That's kinda how it is spending a week with Jason and Jan. It's true. We are so happy to have them as friends.

Here are my two goals: 1. connect with Heavenly Father every day through scripture study (key word: connect) AND 2. be able to enjoy the part of life i'm in AND (this is the important part) LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE...even if that means I will be 50 years old at one point in that future with no kids at home and nothing to do in life with lots of wrinkles and no babies to kiss, but still...LOOK FORWARD TO IT.

I know if I can do #1, #2 will happen.

Today I was sitting in my car looking in the mirror in the sun. I noticed wrinkles all around my eyes when I squinted. I can't tell if it's because I am so (soooooooo) exhausted from the non-stopness of May, or if it's just because I am 25. How in the world am I 25. McKay and I went car shopping last week. Car shopping for a mini-van (crying). And I came to the realization that I will never be young with a cute car. And by the time I can have a cute car, I won't be young. I've been looking at Jax lately and he seems older. This sounds so weird, but I was bathing him thinking, you are huge! He's not a baby. And with every new day and every new thing, he gets more and more fun. Today he and McKay left on the Father/Son camping trip. This has kind of been a dream week for Jax. We went to the Carnival at the Elementary school last night. It was so cute watching him stand in line with all the big elementary school kids! He looked so teeny! So I guess, it's all about perspective. It was hilarious because the carnival was dj-ed, and Jax was rocking out and running from ride to ride in pure heaven. Sooo cute. It kinda made me excited for that stage too- having kiddos in school and watching them with their friends and having long conversations with them. I think it will all be fun.

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