Friday, May 29, 2015

A Walk As the Sun Goes Down

These pics are from a while ago. Gosh I am so behind! About a month ago, we went on a walk. Jax is obsessed with "wishes" (dandelions). We went on a walk to the beach with our neighbors a while ago, and on the way up the hill he ran around trying to get all the wishes first. It was kind of mean and kind of cute. He loves them. Ever since he was a baby, we have picked them and made wishes- just not in front of McKay because he starts screaming if they get near our grass. He's becoming a total old dad. (he is almost 30). JUST KIDDING MCKAY. I'm excited for this summer. The boys are at such fun ages. Watching their brother relationship is so stinkin cute. Just today I couldn't get Jonah to fall asleep for a nap, but finally in the afternoon he got tired and climbed right up on Jax's lap, put his little arm around Jax's neck, and was out! They hug all day. Jax looks out for Jonah if we are around other kids. And of course, they have their moments- like two days ago when they were both SCREAMING at the store as Jonah pulled Jax's hair and Jax punched him in the face. It's so hard to tell with Jonah when he is about to do something. Jax is so easy to read. I have always been able to tell by his expression if someone is about to get smacked. Jonah- total surprise! You never know. Jax is starting to rationalize so much more like a grown up. I keep having to remind myself that he's only three. The other day we were at the mall with friends and Jax and his friend were fighting over our stroller seat. Mikilah was sitting in the seat and Jax bent down by her and said something like "Mikilah...I know you really like this stroller...but it's my stroller...can I sit in it please?" I was DYING. And impressed. No preschool next year for that kid, I am keeping him and his freckle-y nose home with me. One more year, that's all I have. School is so awful. Don't worry, we will practice letters and be social. MAYBE be social. 

We are kind of at a stopping point/break with the house projects. It feels sooooooo good. I don't even go on pinterest. I am so impressed with myself. I literally go on, and close out after a minute or two. I don't even want to think about my house. Earlier this year, we made some goals. We wanted to get bathrooms and other random things done before Jason and Jan got here- which seemed totally doable. UNTIL we didn't start until just about the month OF and McKay had a business trip one week and I got the flu and we were just scrambling and grumpy. Now I just feel like I'm in one of those dazes you are in just after you run the mile in high school. Feeling accomplished, but get me out of here and get these running shoes off me. SPEAKING OF EXERCISE. This is the first time in my life when I have been active. McKay and I have been doing Insanity for like two months! I cannot believe it, it is a miracle. I have been drinking green smoothies and feel so athletic. It's a new feeling to me. You may not know this, but I am rarely allowed to participate in any kind of sport with my family- and if it is an everyone-is-included game, I am usually picked last. So I had a plan to bring Insanity to our lake house and make everyone do it.  I am proud to say that I kind of whooped my brothers. And I was allowed to play in two...TWO volleyball games. Still not allowed in the "competitive" ones though. Next summer. 

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