Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life Lately from Our Phones

Finally a normal Sunday at home! I've been sitting on the couch for like 30 minutes while Jonah sleeps and Jax and McKay play in the garage. It's been a good week. Full of Christmas business and getting our routine back on track after Thanksgiving in Boise. I'm feeling good. I got all the Christmas cards done this week. I have never gotten them done this early. I'm trying to get everything done for the holidays in the next week- then I can sit my butt on the couch and enjoy my favorite time of the year. Fall came and went fast. We would drive in the car past all the trees and Jax would said "Woww mom dat's weawy beautiful." Now he is noticing the trees all bare with no leaves. Ahhh! I'm blogging about trees. ANYWAYS. We stopped nursing- Jones and I. It's been rougher on me than I thought. Jonah had a really hard time at first. Part of me was so sad that it was going to be much harder for him than it was for Jax, but the other part of me was just totally done. Done nursing constantly throughout the day. I felt like it would never taper off. But slowly I started to deny him and he just kind of got used to it- really fast! I didn't tell myself when I was going to stop (P.S. I don't know how anyone could do depressing!). But I remember rocking him to sleep when he was really upset, and sitting against the wall next to his crib and nursing him. That was the last time. I wish I would have thought about it more. Part of me is glad I didn't though, because it would have made it so sad.
McKay is starting to study for the GMAT. I'm trying to be super supportive but it's been so boring at night. He wakes up at 5 to study so he goes to bed extra early and I am just bored. Sometimes he tries to stay up with me, but he just ends up falling asleep. We went on a date Friday and laughed a lot. We sat at our table at PF Changs (we justified that because we literally never go on dates) and we pointed people out and made up stories about them and what they were talking about to their dates. Then we pulled out our phones and looked at pictures and videos of our kids from the week. I don't know why, but lately I've felt those dating butterflies again, a lot. But I've felt like that ever since we went to the skate deck. So weird. I think sometimes you just have to be reminded that you can be really really fun together. I think Jonah likes McKay more than he likes me now. Maybe it's because I stopped nursing him. But he totally dives for him after work. The boys and I have been fighting over McKay lately. We only get a couple hours with him before he falls asleep on us at night. It's been really really happy in our home. We are done with the projects for now. It feels good. Only one of our bathrooms has a working sink...but we are DONE. It feels good to take a break. I'm just content. This doesn't happen very often, so I'm going to enjoy it as longgggg as possible.


  1. i have a couple things to say here...first of all....i'm on my first baby. he is 8 1/2 months old and looooooooves to nurse. and i still love it. i plan to nurse him for at least a year but i just do you stop??? first of all....he won't drink out of anything else.....never took a bottle and we're working on sippy cups....anyway...i'm just nervous that he's never gonna understand that i don't have milk anymore??? i dunno...i just don't know how you wean i guess. haha. and i'm super sad thinking about it. cause i have loved it. but also.....i told my husband today that grant (my baby) probably won't even like me anymore once i'm done nursing. haha. he looooves his dad.

    i told him he needs to be meaner so that he'll like me more. ;) anyway.....that's all.

    1. I just wrote this long comment back to you and it somehow got deleted! Ahhhh! dumb blogger. anyways- nurse as long as you want! I would totally nurse Jonah for two years if I could! I have BRCA cells which are breast cancer cells, so I have to dry up and get an MRI before my next baby. I nursed Jax for seventeen months though and I only stopped to get pregnant again. Don't feel like you have to stop at any certain point. Just do what you want to do! Jax was really easy and just naturally tapered off. I didn't plan a day to stop, it just kind of happened. Jonah was harder. IT's still hard for me. It took him like a week to realize he didn't get to nurse anymore. It was so sad. I wanted to give in the other day haha. He is doing better than me.
      But also- don't worry about grant! I think all kiddos go through favorite phases. Jax was never a momma's boy as a tiny baby and now he totally is- and jonah is the opposite! he only wanted me and now he only wants mckay. It's so terrible haha but they switch back and forth. Don't worry! :)

    2. Haha thanks for the comment. Made me feel better. I feel like it really is gonna be sad when I stop. And hard. Cause grant has been a good baby but tough in the way that nothing has soothed him besides nursing. He hated binkis, music didn't do much, doesn't like to be swaddled, he just wanted to nurse! Haha. So it's always my go to when I need him to be happy. Haha.... It may be a problem. But I love it.

  2. ahhhh the sleeping drool!!
    your boys are SO CUTE!


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