Monday, November 3, 2014

October to October

I guess I totally dropped the ball on my 30-day-challenge. The longer I go without blogging, the more stressed I get that I'm not documenting my kiddos. The day-to-day stuff mostly. This month, Jones turned one. It doesn't feel like it though. He's still so much my little baby. Jaxers is funny. He comes up with silly things and McKay and I just look at each other and laugh. He learned the word "stupid." I was pulling out of Trader Joes, trying to make a turn, and someone pulled right next to me- totally blocking my view of the road, so then I said "Ughhh stupid car." Which of course, Jax totally picked up on. The one word that would be naughty to say, "stupid." How do kids know? Other than saying "stupid," I feel like he's gotten older this last month. He takes care of Jonah. Not just being gentle, but  sharing, and giving him things, and trying to feed him, and taking care of him. I watch him with friends and notice that he's considerate. He seems older for his age. This month though, he's been holding his arms up to me and saying "mama" like in baby talk kinda. I've been trying to give total equal attention since then. Today at church he was crazy after nursery. He was running around with a little friend- which is cute and so so naught at the same time. Two little three-year-old boys in plaid shirts being naughty- how can you not almost-laugh. But Jax ran, yelling- straight into fasting testimony meeting of the single's ward. So embarrassing. It seems like every day there's something that I have to write down and never do. Which makes me sad, because I know I've forgotten like 23423432 things. Here's to another week of trying! It's hard for me to commit to anything these days!

But all about Jones at ONE: 

-you have this smile that is so random and cute! You look at us, sometimes when we're not even paying attention to you, and you smile just so big until we look at you! You squint your eyes and you raise your eyebrows and show your cute little teeth. You do it to people not in our family sometimes and everyone thinks your hilarious. 

-you are starting to stand up for yourself. When you really really want something, you aren't afraid to try to take it from Jax. You sometimes just dive on him. Other times, you head-butt. Usually the head-butting is a last resort. 

-you give lots of kisses! Almost every time we ask you to kiss us, you will. You open your mouth really wide, and usually we get a bunch of slobber or snot, but that's okay! Sometimes you bite. Most of the time, you bite me...but it's worth it, so I endure the pain. Usually when you kiss, you kiss over and over again. You sometimes grab onto our face when you kiss us and that is my very favorite.

-you sleep during the night usually, but you still wake up sometimes. Just more siblings until you sleep through the night every night. Just kidding...kinda...

-you are starting to like books more and more. Your favorite books are the ones with texture or pop-out things. You usually won't sit still through a whole one though.

-you are usually really really easy at church. You just walk along then each we are sitting on back-and-forth. You smile at the people behind us. Sometimes you play with toys. You will never fall asleep there! We actually meet during your nap time, but you will never give in.

-which reminds rarely fall asleep on us. You are way more likely to fall asleep if I stick you on our bed then if I am holding you, bouncing or rocking. It's the funniest thing. You only fall asleep on me when you're nursing. Last night you fell asleep nursing and I kept holding you for forever. You still seem so small for me except for that- that you won't cuddle and sleep on me very much. You like to be awake. Sometimes you are so tired, but fighting sleep so much, you will arch your back and throw a fit until I finally just stick you in your crib to fall asleep. little stinker.

-you have been waking up in the morning and from naps happy! For a long time you would always wake up screaming. It's just what you did. But lately, you have been waking up and playing in your crib. This morning actually, dad didn't think you were awake but I said we should just check- so we did and you were just sitting in your crib, quiet and totally happy!

-you have a mullet that I don't want to cut. Dad makes fun of it every day almost. I don't want to cut it. Plus, I tried and you wouldn't let me. 

-you have the most pouty, perfect, pretty lips! I look at them every day and wonder where you got them! I think they are from your uncle Chad. When you talk, they are so cute. Dad loves them too.

-you have taken lots of steps! I think you have taken about five or six in a row now. You seem pretty content with where you are though. You can get to wherever you want to go. However, you refuse to learn how to properly go down the stairs. I have tried to teach you so many times. You just won't scoot down backwards on your tummy. You climb them really fast! 

-You love pasta- spaghetti, fettuccine, whatever- but your most favorite food in the whole entire world is....GRAPES! You hate squash though, which surprises me- cause we load it with butter and brown sugar. 

-You are a little climber. Ever day, you climb my bathtub and turn on the faucet and stick your hand in it. You love running water. Last week, You turned on the faucet to a clogged sink and you flooded my whole bathroom counter!

-when we're at the grocery store you stand in the cart and hold onto my neck. Sometimes you give me kisses and I just stop right in the middle of the aisle until we're done kissing

-which reminds and jax have started doing this screaming thing when we're running usually start it and you two just take turns screaming. it's great. 

-you lay on our shoulder sometimes now! for most babies, that wouldn't be a big deal, but for you, it is! you have never been that big of a cuddler. It's funny because you LOVE to be held. You always want to be held, you just don't really cuddle into people...except you have been more lately!

there are so many more things you do. I will add to this list as I think of them. You bring us so much happiness every day. you are still my little baby. I'm not even baby hungry because I have you. You are still a little momma's boy and I love it! however- you get really excited when daddy comes home. all three of us are in love with you. you are silly and sweet and loving and I think that for your age you are very in tune with people's feelings. thanks for being my baby boy. And thanks for all the slobbery kisses! You can bite my face all you want! :)

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