Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jonah Turns One

Jones! At first I had no idea what to do for the theme of your first birthday. Then it came to me...duh! MILK. Milk is your favorite thing in the entire world. You love nursing! I hope this doesn't embarrass you when you're a teenager, but you do! You have always been the best nurser and you actually demand it, lots and lots during the day. You also love sweet things, so I knew that milk, plus a cake would be your dream birthday party. But guess what? You HATED your cake. You wouldn't touch it. You were such a little stinker. I thought you would tear into that thing, but you barely had three bites. Jax even tried to feed it to you. We'll try the cake smash when you turn two. We love you anyways! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! His face when he looks at the cake is priceless.

  2. 1 already?!! WOWIE! Happy 1st Birthday Jonah! Looks like a lovely party, his face looking at that cake is hilarious. Hope you all had a wonderful celebration :)

  3. i can not handle the cuteness - even though he did hate his cake!


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