Thursday, June 26, 2014

My baby is almost nine months, but here's an eight month post:


In this last month you have gone from a tiny little baby to a baby baby. You are so fun. I see you dad's eyes light up every day because you are starting to laugh and play with him. Jax too. This last Sunday in church, I got up to give a talk and right when you heard my voice you said "mama." Your first word! You have been kind of been saying "mamamamama" and "dadadada" but that was the first real word that we heard (and grandma actually heard it). You only like real food now. I made you home made baby food and you won't even eat that. You have eaten chicken pot pie, spaghetti, potato soup, and mashed potatoes. So far, lthose are the only real meals you have had. You pull yourself up on everything. You tackle your brother for food and toys. This month for the first time, you got sad over a certain toy you wanted. You smile and laugh ALL THE TIME. Grandpa says he has never seen a baby as happy as you. Sometimes you giggle just because we look at you. Yesterday we went on a walk, and you BELLY-LAUGHED just because I knelt down to talk to you in your stroller. Dad thinks you are going to be sweet and sensitive. I think you are going to be someone who makes sure the people around you are always happy! You are still so little to me. You make me happy every day and I love you so much. I'm so grateful I get to be your mommy!

You are a really light sleeper- but you fall into a deeper sleep when I kiss your face over and over. I have done it since you were a newborn.

Dad puts you to sleep almost every night. From about seven on, all you want to do is nurse- for really short periods of time. So at about 10:00, I give up and give you to dad and you fall right to sleep!

Your favorite thing to eat is watermelon. You also love bananas and peaches. You loved sweet potatoes and peas earlier this month, but I don't think you do anymore.

You have two teeth so far, and I don't see any of them coming!

You started sleeping through the entire night, but these last few nights you have woken up like twice. I bring you to our bed and nurse you and you either just sleep next to me till the morning, or we put you back in your crib.

You take a nap every morning like one hour after you wake up! For a while I just thought you were really fussy in the mornings, but then I realized you just need a morning nap!

You love Jax's night light. You crawl over to it every time you are in his room.

You have the best thighs and bum. Some people say you are getting skinnier but you still have your chunky legs arms and I am in love with them. Every time I nurse you I stare at and kiss your little arms and hands.

You stand up on things all the time and you just started balancing with one hand!

Toys don't entertain you much, but you like phones, remotes, and pans

This last week, you started waving "bye, bye!" It's SO CUTE.

I call you "Jonah Jones" all the time and Jax calls you "Jonah Johns," and sometimes just "Jones!"

YOU ARE A MOMMA'S BOY and I love it. Dad and I sometimes sit far apart and call you like you are a dog- you always come to me!

You rub your eyes with your little fists when you are tired

You are okay to play by yourself if you can't see us (for a couple minutes), but when you can see us, you usually want to be held

You are so easy at church! You just sit on our laps and play and cuddle

There are so many other things about you little boy! I will add as I remember. You make us smile and laugh every day. We love you so so so much. I will make sure you know that every day of your life!


  1. He is sooo cute! And you are the best at documenting motherhood! I need you to teach me your ways!

  2. He is just adorable! Happy 9 months! :)


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