Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Boise & Back

Thank goodness for spaghetti sauce from a jar- which is what I'm making tonight! McKay's almost home and I am sitting on the couch with sleeping kiddos by my feet (which is actually a bummer because now Jax will be up way into my me-time)...but I can blog! I miss this thing. I always say I miss this thing and I don't come back here for weeks, but let's just say for the 45645 time, I am working on that.
We had lots of fun in Boise. Every time we leave, it's the same thing- we buckle the kid(s) in the car and McKay's family stands on the driveway and waves to us and we drive off and are sad. Rachel graduated, so Maddi was there and everyone was together. We went to the Zoo and had a BBQ and to KNEADERS and McKay's mom hauled Jonah around the whole time and it was the best. They have a puppy now, which Jax claimed the whole time and played with outside. I like Idaho because you can just stick your kid in your fenced backyard and let them play. You can't do that in Washington. When McKay and I first moved here he left our garage door open like two or three times when he left for work while Jax and I were sleeping and I got mad at him every time. But you can do that in Idaho. Anyways- Jax was in the yard a lot with the dog. I liked it.
We love you Walkers. Be back soon!


  1. such gorgeous photos! your hair is getting so long already!

  2. :) your photos, as always, are stunning and capture a story...i love them.
    i'm so glad y'all had such a great time!
    (ps were you in manual or auto with these pics? i'm guessing manual)

    1. Thank you so much! You are so nice! I took them in manual

  3. I LOVE those pics! And also, I would move back to Idaho in a heartbeat if I could- you guys should consider it too and then we could be real life friends :) luh u guyz! -lacey


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