Monday, June 30, 2014

I got my camera back!

Did I ever tell the story of when my brother borrowed my camera for a wedding and accidentally dropped it right in front of me? I had just gotten my food and was sitting down about to eat, when I heard a crash. I knew what it was before I even looked. I looked at my brother and both our faces turned red but I couldn't get too mad because he's my baby brother. But it was so horrible. I cried in my car that night. But now it's fixed! Right in time for the Fourth. I got it Friday. 

McKay's mission BFF came to spend the weekend with us. These boys are crazy. Who in the world would jump into the freezing ocean just to say they did it. Every summer at Girl's Camp, some of the girls would wake up at six to go down to the river to do the "Polar Dip." Why?! I never did it once. I guess I am either not cool (or I'm smart). For the record, my mom did it at camp when she was a teenager and when I asked her about it, she still seemed slightly proud haha. 

Anyways- Saturday morning we got ready and headed to the beach so these guys could jump off the dock into the freezing ocean. Right when they took their shirts off and walked to the edge of the dock, Jax immediately started stripping! It was hilarious. It was funny to watch them together. Sometimes I feel bad for dragging McKay to Washington. He misses his friends. I always try to prompt him to make friends here but they just never stick. They're never "the same." It was cute and slightly awkward at times to watch. After the beach we went to Pike Place...of course! Every time we go to Seattle, we wonder why we don't more often. Plus, Burke bought us these eclairs which I have been craving ever since- those things alone will get me down there! 

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