Tuesday, March 18, 2014



-You are really starting to hate your car seat- ESPECIALLY in the dark. Jax was the same exact way. Last night I even sat by you on the way home from Lowe's, and you still were sad the entire time.

-You are such a sweet boy and we can always make you laugh. Even when you are crying (like last night in the car) we can still make you laugh. Dad was sitting in the front seat and laughing because he could tell when you would switch from crying to laughing and vise-versa.

-You are semi-scared of your older brother, but also really love him. Jax is just craving to play with you every day. You are starting to hold toys now so he will bring you toys and try to include you as much as he can. I actually just had to stop typing this for a second because he was pretending to be a superhero and he actually just sat on you. If you hear him talking while you're nursing you have to immediately stop and look at him. You love him so much!

-You are getting at least two teeth and have been really fussy lately. It's so sad because I can tell how frustrated you are. You want to be held all the time and cry when you are put down. I definitely don't mind at all!...but it is not like you! I'm not sure if you're just sad because you are hurting or if you just want to be held more now. I love that you always want me though!

-You are starting to lean a little bit when you want someone. It is so cute, because you turn your entire body towards the person you want!

-You have tried rice cereal, peaches, and carrots. You love peaches the most!

-You rolled over for the first time one week ago. I am actually really sad about it because I missed it. You were at great-grandma's house and I was painting our kitchen. You had rolled before without moving your arm, but this time you moved your arm and everything! You have done it a couple times since. Stop growing! ...or at least wait for mom to see it!

-You still aren't a big cuddler- you LOVE to be held and placed with, but you never really cuddle into us. We love it when you fall asleep on us because then we can lay you on our chests and cuddle you!

-You love to jump on the bed with Jax. Jax always jumps on our bed and so dad started holding you and bouncing you too and you love it! You laugh and smile. I think it's because you feel like you are finally doing what your older brother is!

-You still sleep with us most of the night- except now, you are starting to turn! Last night I woke up and you were almost horizontal in the bed! It is so cute. And you are starting to sleep better really close to me, which I love. You like to sleep in your swing too (we don't keep it swinging). I almost feel like you sleep better in there, but it worries me since you're not totally flat- so I try to avoid it. You have been up A LOT lately though, so some nights, it happens! I think when we move in a week we are going to start you in your crib!

-You have swung in a swing at the beach two times. It is the cutest thing ever and you love it! The first time you were laughing and then after a while you were ready to get out. Yesterday we went again and you were just so relaxed and happy. I was sad to take you out because you loved it so much for so long!

-One of my favorite things about you are your little hands. You always hold onto anything you can- our arms, our faces, our fingers. When you are in the bath, you hold onto my arms, or if I put my hand on your chest to comfort you, you grab onto my hand. You always hold my finger when you nurse. It is something so special that I love about you and it makes me feel like you are comforted to know we are right there.

-You are so easy at church! You just sit on our laps during Sacrament and then in all the kids fight over you in our primary class- even the boys! Dad and I take turns holding you and you just sit there quietly the entire time until you are hungry and then we go nurse. Sometimes I just in the mother's lounge with you longer than we need to. I love being in there with you where it is so quiet and comfortable. We just cuddle and you sleep and we listen to the speakers. I am bummed to leave that church building. The mother's lounge at our new building is freezing!

-You are tall and chubby for your age! Between 80-90 percentiles for both (too lazy to grab the sheet right now). But I just got you some clothes and I am getting you size 12-18 months! It is crazy! You have the cutest, chunkiest little body I have ever seen. Whenever I am putting you in the bath I stop in front of the mirror for a minute just to look at your perfect little rolly legs and bum. I just cannot believe you are mine. You are so perfect and I just want to eat you! I get excited to change your diaper because I get to see your little bottom and thighs.  I squeeze them every day!


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  2. Love those cute boys! And I can't believe he is already 5 months?!!? I hope we can get together sometime soon. We miss you guys so much! Love you!

  3. They are both too cute! :)

  4. I have quietly admired your blog for a long while now. Love those cute boys & your candid way of sharing your days as a mommy & wife. Your family is just the cutest. Truly.


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