Thursday, January 16, 2014

I mean, how out-of-order can we get?

I think I've said before (or ten times before) that I totally cannot write a casual post about my day until I am caught up on all the other today is my catch-up day- because I am thinking that hopefully after I am all caught up, I can start writing the good stuff again... the day-to-day stuff that I want to remember. We all know I am out of my fashion blogging stage (ahem...have you seen how I dress now?) but seriously, when I don't blog every day and write the good stuff, I just completely forget it!
So REWIND to the time before Christmas when I was trying to take Christmas card pictures of my boys. I had totally given up on the goal of getting a family picture of us and I had to get cards out and we were all SICK (at least one of us was literally sick for two months straight. I'm dead serious). So I had Jax put on his Christmas jammies and was just dying at the amount of snot getting wiped on the sleeve. I think this one was from the second batch of pictures we took. We had to take a "watch TV" break in the middle. But he was so cute holding Jonah. He loves his baby brother. Jonah was doing good too...until he decided he wanted to totally straighten out his body. Jonah is funny. Sometimes he is so squishy and cuddly and he molds right into you and sometime I feel like I am trying to hold a 2x4. He can get really stiff. He is the only baby I have ever held that sometimes just wants to be put down- and I think this was one of those times. All of the sudden he flattened his body and made Jax fall backward. He has been kind of fussy before- but as soon as he has his big brother on his back and was lying flat and comfortable...he just started smiling! It was the funniest thing. I have pictures of it happening which I should probably edit and include in this post- but I probably never will so just imagine it! It was hilarious!


  1. that is the cutest picture in the whole freaking world! oh my heck.


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