Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daddy & Jax & Jonah

These pictures were taken on the day that Jonah turned six weeks. SIX WEEKS! Um, can stop now. Why is it that just as life is getting better and better, time goes faster and faster? I hate it. At least once a day I picture myself being old and alone with all my kids grown and I get depressed until something else distracts me. I think I'll have babies forever. McKay says only four kids but we'll see about that. I love these photos because they show exactly how McKay is with his boys. Jax and Jonah both love their daddy and he really really loves them. He amazed me every day with his patience. And his in the world he can come home after working all day and run around the house with Jax for two hours, I will never know. Or get up on a Saturday with Jax at 6 so I can sleep in. Or help me clean the whole house happily. I don't even clean the house very happily. And right this moment he is bouncing Jonah on our bed so I can finish this post. Anyways- I love you McKay. Someday I will write all about you and how amazing you are so our kids can read it or so I can read it when I'm old and have lost my mind. But writing something like that is just overwhelming and would take hours and hours. Someday. But until then, so glad I picked you and so glad you picked me. I think we picked right. 


  1. These pictures are so perfect! You're so blessed, and Jax jumping on the bed is just precious!

  2. so....i'm havin a baby march. and am so excited. and i LOVE the cute little simple clothes you dress jonah in....where do you normally shop for these gems? love love the blanket on the bed.

  3. you seriously take the most amazing pictures! The love between the three of them is so sweet:) Also where did you get Jax's pjs? those are SO cute!!

  4. Okay, your boys are all so cute!! :) What a sweet collection of photos!


  5. so sweet! and i need to know where you got jax's pjs!!

  6. seriously - my heart swelled looking at these photos.
    you have a beautiful family Ali <3

  7. 1. When did Jax get so much hair?!
    2. Jax has the cutest pj's ever.
    3. I think I am wearing almost the exact same sweater as Mckay right now hahaha
    4. Which camera did you get again? Your pictures are amazing!! You are a natural!


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