Friday, May 24, 2013

This One's For the Girls

Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaa! Introducing: my entire face regimen.
A few people have asked my what I use on my face- so I thought it would be simple and easy just to stick it on here! All these things are things that I love. I have used most of them forever and all of them are the cheapest, best-quality-for-what-I-needed, easiest things I have used so far in my 23 years of life. These are all things I use every day I wear makeup and have right now in my bathroom (except for the paint, which I need to get more of). But anyways, they are all my very favorites. Explanations are as follows!

Skin stuff: I am a firm believer in less-is-more when it comes to skin. I have tried Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Proactive, etc. etc. etc. but Cetaphil seriously works the very very best, hands down. I have always had combinations skin- oily on my forehead and cheeks (and that is where I breakout too). Cetaphil is gentle, clean, and simple. It's the only cleanser I will use on my skin. And the most IMPORTANT step is wiping it off with a clean, hot washcloth after you wash your face at night. It's a little thing that has seriously made ALL the difference for me. Honestly, 95% of the little bumps on my forehead completely went away when I started doing that! And also, it's kind of gross/satisfying to see how much dirt and makeup you actually have on your face. It exfoliates too, so while I used to use a scrub every few days, I don't really need to anymore! Then obviously in the morning, I just wash my face in the shower. Then, I use Cetaphil Moisturizer (just in the mornings). Vaseline, I use for eye cream, and the Carmex I use for chapstick (unless I have to go somewhere and then I just use lipgloss or whatever! FUN TIP: Boys hate if you want do so something Real Housewives with no husband pressuring you into a make out sesh- just spread on the Carmex!) Both cheap and work wonderfullyyy!

Isn't this fun/boring so far? I am actually really mad right now because I wrote this entire thing already and then somehow deleted it! :) 

On to the makeup!...

NARS Concealer: Okay, so I seriously avoided buying pricey concealer for forever. I used Neutrogena in college and it just wasn't doing it. Then I got Bare Minerals and had tried Laura Mercier (still a fav) and Bobbi Brown and Benefit and others, but then I tried this and HOLY COW IT IS THE BEST. I don't use foundation, so I needed something that would cover my huge, tired mom dark circles and also my redness around my nose and zits- and this stuff WORKS. It's super concentrated, stays on, and has a really pretty satin-y finish, while still blending well with plain, natural skin. Loveee you Nars workers!

Mac paint: This stuff is a perfect base for eyeshadow. You can even get a shimmer one and use it as your highlight (if you do a shimmery highlight). I just get "Untitled," which is like a sorta-peach matte paint, and it totally keeps everything on while brightening and evening my eyelid. I've used this stuff since I was like 14. 

Bare Minerals bronzer: I guess I kind of lied when I said I don't use foundation. Technically, this is foundation. I actually went to the store, and matched one of their foundation colors to their "Warmth" bronzing powder. I actually like the foundation color better- less orange. It has a little bit of coverage too, I think- and is just a good base. I use this on my whole entire face just to warm it up prior to bronzer and blush. I use a lot of bronzer. I am pale. 

MAC eyeshadow: This is the best. Super concentrated. Not that expensive. All the best colors. I have tried other stuff and I always go back to Mac. There are a few I always have: Vanilla, Satin Taupe, Trax (my very first color from them. don't know why I remember that.), Folie, and a few others. Right now I use a satin, cream-colored base (I would go see which one, but it's in my room where McKay is sleeping), All that Glitters, and Folie. I always use three: light (all over), medium (crease-down), and matte dark (corner crease). ALSO, I use their Vanilla shadow sometimes as a setting powder for concealer. The pale whiteness of it matches perfectly with my pale skin! ha! But if you can find the perfect color, it's seriously awesome because it's so concentrated and it stays. I actually don't really need that with the Nars stuff though. 

Elf eyeliner & shimmer stick: These are dollar? So cheap! I like simple, thin, black eyeliner with a little swoop on the end- so this is perfect for me! I love the applicator. The shimmer stick I use along my lower lashes and in the corner of my eye. I don't use eyeliner on the bottom so this helps to brighten and open my (tired mom) eyes.

Too Faced bronzer: Love this stuff. I used Mac bronzer for forever, but I actually like the color of this much more. It's less orange. I put it in my cheeks, along my hairline, and brush it on my chin and nose. You have to get the darker one though. The lighter one was even too light for me...and I am light. And it smells like chocolate! Fun when you're not pregnant. Kind of gross when you are. 

MAC blush: I use the color Melba and it is my favorite blush and color I have ever owned. And I am picky with blush. The lady told me it looks good on everyone. I think she was telling the truth!

Mascara: I like the cheap mascara. I have tried some of the expensive ones and I always go back to the cheap. I usually jump around the Maybelline mascaras with the big fat brushes. I used Full & Soft for about 2342 years. Right now, I am using the one up there. I tried the "wonder" mascara from Sephora with the spandex brush-on layer (I think it was Too Faced) and it sucks. I always brush on a coat, let it dry, curl, and then brush on another coat! It makes them semi-stay. 

The end! That is seriously all I do.

Oh! And BONUS- One weird thing I have always done with my eyeshadow: when doing my eyeshadow, I always take a square of toilet paper, fold it in half, and place it along my lower lashes. Then I brush on all my eyeshadow. I then flip it again (to the clean side) and do the other eye. It totally keeps my eyeshadow in place! Then I blend the clean line with a brush.

Now it's the real end. 

If anyone has any equal or better suggestions, please share! (or weird tips)
I am serious. We all need them. 


  1. cool!
    I love maybelline mascaras too :)

    happy weekend!

  2. Haha Kyle hates carmex too so I have switched to Burts Bees.

  3. LOVE! I want to try that NARS concealer now!! I just recently tried the Benefit They're Real Mascara and I LOVE it! I usually just wear Maybelline or whatever, but I swear my eyelashes suck since being pregnant and I needed something more. Now, I might never go back!

  4. Thanks for the awesome tips!

  5. Love this! I really like hearing other people's tips and tricks - I'm such a beauty junkie haha! I want that concealer and shimmer stick now :)

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  7. Colossal lash is my favorite as well! I've tried different mascaras, but it always come back to it!

  8. totally agree that less is more!!!! this is a great post. i've been looking for blush (don't really know how to wear it), so i wanna try the MAC one you listed! :)

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  10. I am so not knowledgeable about make-up/face stuff, and I keep telling myself that when I'm older and rich I'll buy nicer beauty products! Although maybe I should start sneaking some of this stuff into my "regimen" (quotations because the entire process rarely happens!) now! Loved this tutorial, because I love reading about products people use that are REAL, after they've tried it all, and has their own personal commentary mixed in! I'm ready for some of that blush, first and foremost. Thanks for posting!

    perfectly priya


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