Thursday, May 23, 2013

Child Feeds Birds...again!

My very favorite thing to do with Jax is to feed ducks (/seagulls/crows/etc.). Maybe it's because he's so cute throwing entire slices of bread, or eating the bread while feeding the birds. Or maybe it's because I'm just boring and this is the only activity I can ever thing of. Regardless, we went to the beach on Monday night for family night and it was great! The seagulls were kind of being snobs- sitting way up high and not coming down for any of our bread chunks. At the beginning, Jax and McKay gave up- and went to play on the playground- but I was determined. I went to the grass and stood there, throwing bread and mentally forcing the birds to the grass. And guess what! They came. I felt like mother nature and I told McKay that I was her. hahaa. But it didn't last long, and soon the birds just flew away again. Spoiled, snobby birds. Then Cody came and met us, and instead of feeding the birds, he molded chunks of the bread into little hard balls and tried to hit the birds. After that, we tried to look for crabs- but no crabs! And then the boys threw rocks into holes in the logs and challenged me to get my rock through the hole, which I DID. I seriously did! But of course, I was the only one who saw it and no one believes me! But you guys do right??!!

In other news:

Baby has been kicking! Pregnant girls/moms- do you ever lay on your stomach (which I guess kinda squishes baby) just to feel baby kick?! I have been doing that so much lately! It makes me so happy, but  I'm not sure if it's mean or not. Also, McKay thinks he felt him, but I don't think he did yet. He just pretends to feel stuff, and about 15% of the time, he says "was that a kick?!" after an actual kick. Can't wait till he can really feel him.

We have got to get Jax's bed time routine under control. I have never been one of those read-all-the-books...force-a-schedule-moms. I kind of always felt like I'm a stay at home mom! My day revolves around the baby, so they can sleep/wake when they want! NOOOOOOOO. The other moms are smarter. I am not talking anything harsh, but more like try and up the bedtime, naptime, and wake time. Jax does not goes to bed until about 10, which forces me to have my "me" time until about 12/1 in the morning (I require a lot of me time). And that doesn't even allow time for "us" time. I sometimes sacrifice me time for us time, but 80% of the time, it's a combo which means cuddling + zoning out. Sooo my point is, is it too late to have a 7:00 bedtime?

I am going to post a belly pic soon. As soon as there's a day that I get dressed in actual clothes.


  1. Jax is so cute here, total rockstar

  2. What a cute boy! I'm surprised those seagulls were being so snobby - most birds will MOB you for bread!

    As far as bedtime - I don't have kids yet, but I do have a LOT of friends with kids. From what I've heard, no, it's not too late to enforce a 7 or 7:30pm bedtime, BUT it's going to mean putting up with a CRANKY kid for a few days until he gets used to his schedule. Like you're going to have to wake him up a lot earlier (because I assume he sleeps in since he goes to bed so late?) deal with him being cranky/tired all day, and then put him to bed at 7. Same with the next day. I have had friends deal with this exact issue and they say it works and it's WORTH it, just heck to deal with during the few days it takes the kid to adjust. If you go that way (which I recommend...I can't imagine never having me time in the evenings!), good luck!!

  3. sounds like a fun activity indeed! love his expression on pic 2

    and I don't think is too late for an earlier bed time...maybe you can try gradually, first night 9:00, then 8:30...and so on.. because you are going to need an earlier me time with the new baby..

    looking forward to the bump pic :)

  4. aw so cute! I don't think its too late to enforce an earlier bed time! C goes to bed 7:30-8 (I require a lot of "me" time too :) but I think if you just do it, everyone says 3 days makes a habit (or something like that) but it might suck for a few days but he will get used to it!! good luck :)

  5. He is SO cute. Good luck helping him get on a new bedtime schedule! I think you can make it work -- it'll just take time.

  6. Yes! I want to see a belly picture!


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