Monday, May 13, 2013

Jax Meets Uncle

I didn't mean to completely ditch this blog. I actually woke up today and missed it. It's just, the past week has been insane. INSANE. I even forgot to pay our insurance bill, which resulted in a $10 late fee this morning. bummer. 
oh well.

My brother who was gone for 50 2 years in New York! I guess two years isn't really that long, but it IS. Especially when during that two years, you get a new nephew...which is what happened in this fam! Before I begin, I have to explain the "Astrid" shirt. When Cody left on his mission, we didn't have a name yet for Jax. So my brother gave him one- Astrid. Which is what he called him until we named him Jax, and sometimes even after we named him, I think. 

We all got to the airport before he landed, and to the spot where we thought he would be. Here is the first group pic before everyone else got there. 

My insanely-excited mom who called me 23423 times the days before to say "I AM JUST SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN CLEANING (/crying in) HIS ROOM!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!" Sometimes I didn't answer on purpose. And my brother Jared.

Brother Chadders & Jax

Stepdad Ron, Jax, & Cody's best friends & brother

Grandpa & Jax...and also grandpa, Jax & McKay waiting/getting concerned that Cody hasn't walked out yet. Also, I think this was the (NOT)smart airport worker who told us we were waiting in the wrong spot...

So this whole entire group (plus myself, dad, grandpa, stepdad, aunt, etc.) RAN downstairs to the baggage claim where he "would be coming up to."

Once we got to the baggage claim area, we waited and watched. I was really worried- because just a week and a half before, my brother wrote me saying I had this dream that no one was at the airport to get me, except for dad. Everyone forgot. But a lady was there waiting for her husband (who was on Cody's flight) so we felt a little reassured... until she screamed "Oh, my husband's over there!"
They had come out of the first exit we had been waiting by.


I got there before my mom...but like a good daughter- I let her hug him first. 

Here's our mom & dad & CODY!!!

hugging grandpa and meeting Jaxers* for the very first time. 

Our brother is home.

two years is long.
but Chad, if you're reading this (my brother who will leave in August). It goes by really fast. :)

*Picture me telling you this story in person and taking a deep breath right now. So Jax. 
I was so excited for Cody to meet Jax. Almost as excited as I was to see Cody myself. But my sweet child could not contain his emotions/overwhelm-ment, and for the next two days with Cody, was the biggest whiner he has ever been in his life. It was not like him and I just wanted to say, I promise I promise I promise you have a cool, hilarious, happy nephew. I don't feel like I get annoyed as a mom that easily, but I have to be honest and say I was kind of a little annoyed. A homecoming for a missionary is hard. They miss their mission. They miss the people they served. And they miss the work. And not to make this about me, by as an older sister, watching my brother go through that (and continue to, even now) is hard. So I really wanted to make everything I could control in the big transition easy and perfect. But at first, the Jaxers was not easy. 

But then, after two really chaotic days, Jax took a NAP and he woke up a different child! And ever since then, he and Cody have been the very best friends. We have even have had two sleepovers so far and it is like Cody was never gone. 

And one more thing. He is available. So if any of you girls are of marriage age, or have little sisters and you/they like boys who are gentleman, funny, cute, athletic, returned missionaries, spiritual, hard workers, andmuchmore, he will be at BYU-Idaho this fall. Oh, and he likes country music and plays guitar, which is always a plus. 
But you should know, I am kind of picky. In a good, big-sisterly kind of way. 


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I have the sweetest little sister in law who will be up at byu Idaho next year as well!!! If your bro is anything like you we should totally set them up! Anywhoo...glad you aren't ditching the blog. I love your Jax stories!!

  2. how cute!
    glad he is back home with all the family :)

  3. How sweet! So glad he is home. :)

  4. Such cute photos! Hurray for brothers being home!!

  5. so cute and so exciting!


  6. This is so precious! I love your brother in the first family pic. TOTALLY something my brother would do ;)

  7. So glad Jax finally got to meet him! :)
    Sounds like it was a fantastic reunion.

  8. It's so wonderful to have missionary homecomings. my brother in law came home in March, and he had a niece to meet too. Glad he's back!

  9. airport reunions always make me tear up a little bit.
    I'm so happy for your reunited family!!

  10. baaaahahahahahhahahahahaahaaa Astrid

  11. yay he is home!!!! i love astrid playing with his shirt in the first photos, what a babe

  12. Missionary arrival stories always make me tear up! Your pictures are beautiful.


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