Monday, April 29, 2013

Cussing, Crying, & Crisis

This weekend was an awesome, lazy weekend at our house- with a few hiccups. 
Friday night we went to Seattle to see Jersey Boys at the 5th Ave. Any of you see it? Good story, but lots of naughty naughty language. We don't watch R-rated movies at our house, so after the first f-word we just looked at each other and signed a sigh of relief- it would be the only one....right??
Lots and lots of explatives. The first half of the play we kept looking at each other, giggling nervously like umm...should we walk out? And then by the second-half we chalked it up to "the culture." Same thing as walking through a hall in a high school right? The culture. blah. And just so you know, this is not something I am super proud of. Not a good example of making the hard-but-right decision. But let this be a lesson to all: Jersey Boys is not appropriate for children (and there were some there)...or their parents. but it's a good story and good music. the end. 
On the way to the play, I was pregnant-hungry. So if anyone can imagine (or knows from experience) I was hungry with hormones and the threat of puking. McKay got the babysitting stuff all figured out but failed to factor in time to go to dinner (which I didn't realize at the point). When I had talked to him earlier that day, he acted like he had a surprise for dinner- so naturally, I just acted like I didn't notice and that I would be fine with going to this dinky crepe stand on the sidewalk before the show (which actually sounded really gross because I don't like dinner crepes this pregnancy). So McKay came home from lunch and that was when I suggested the crepe place because it was the first thing that came to my mind and I knew we were probably going somewhere else. A little while later he asked me if I was excited for the crepe place and so I said "Yes, it will be so good!"
So then he got home while I was getting ready, and we were rushing. Jax had to be fed and dressed and have his extra stuff gathered, etc, etc, and then McKay said, "ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE CREPE PLACE?!?!?!?!?!?!" (in a husband-needing-you-to-be-really-excited-way) and this is what I said: "McKay. YES. I am excited. Can we stop talking about it?! I am excited." 
so then we awkwardly drove to the play and I told him that I did not want the crepes and we talked and figured out what we had both been thinking/expecting. (Expectations are always the problem huh?)
Finally, we were walking down the sidewalk, happily and hopefully looking for a new place to eat at reallyquick so we could get to the play on time. And right on the corner- Specialty's Bakery- my favorite!....Which, come to find out,  had closed like eight minutes prior. We kept walking. nothing. nothing nothing. Finally, McKay says, "Let's just go to Jimmy Johns." And I said "McKay. No! I hate Jimmy John's! I hated it in Rexburg and I definitely DON'T like it in Seattle!" 
So then we kept walking and there was nothing open and finally I realized my husband was leading me to the crepe place.
"There is the crepe place! Let's go to the crepe place!"
And you know what happened next? I just started crying. Right on the street in Seattle. Out of frustration and hunger and anger and McKay said "Oh my gosh." And he had to duck me into a hotel so we could sit in the foyer and regain my composure. "McKay. I am just starving." I said. "When you are pregnant, you feel so sick when you don't eat and I feel sick and I hate crepes and I can't believe you didn't figure something out for dinner." And typing this is embarrassing and actually looking back in retrospect, it's ridiculous- but it was a moment of just desperation. 
Then we started walking toward the theatre. It was 7:40 and the play started at 8:00. McKay kept trying to figure something out on the way, but no luck. We got inside and I got two stale rolls that I had to pick the salami off and sneak into the theatre and eat. Then the play started and McKay put his arm around me. And pretty soon after that, we were reunited by all the f-words and feeling really uncomfortable. together. 

Saturday we got up in the morning and McKay took us to my favorite breakfast place. We had to wait an hour, but it was so worth it. I told him that since he took me there, we were even. 
Then we got home and were beginning a relaxing Saturday at home, and minute after minute, McKay was getting restless. Finally, he said:


He said he had been in our house for way too long and was so restless and said he didn't know how I did it everyday. LOL. So I said, "Okay, why don't you run around the neighborhood three times!"

So he put on his running shoes and he did! Me and Jax sat at the window and watched. 

and after that, he was so tired, we had to hang out and watch The Office for the rest of the afternoon. Mid-mid-life crisis averted!

Then Sunday was just normal.


  1. Oh my gosh Ali I love your posts. I totally cried all. the. time. when I was pregnant and hungry! Also Jax looks exactly like McKay:)

  2. Too funny! I get cranky when I don't get food...and I am not even preggers! When Chris gets too hyper I tell him to go run around the block :)

  3. you are soooo hilarious. i totally felt so validated after reading your post that i told my husband, "SEE? other people get sick and want to throw up when they're pregnant-hungry too!!" i love your posts :)

  4. haha this is so funny! You have such a cute little man on your hands. :)

  5. Can I just say how much I love your posts? They are so funny because they are so honest and real and I have definitely been in similar situations/had similar thoughts. So refreshing. You crack me up!

  6. Great post! I got teary this weekend when my fiance threw the leftover pizza away by accident. PATHETIC! And I'm not pregnant!

  7. The pictures of Jax with his sandwich laughing at his daddy!! SO precious! :) I love your stories. Glad your back, pretty girl!


  8. Hahaha this is hilarious and totally something I would have done. I seriously turn into a grouchy monster when I get hungry. I also have the "I'm hungry but I dont feel like anything" kind of hungers all the time. Husband loves it when I do that. ;) That pic of Jax is the cutest ever!!

  9. Your honesty is the best. I have to admit to having these meltdowns while NOT pregnant :)


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