Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday Morning

McKay painted for about five hours on Friday night, so our room was really really fumey (if that's even a word). I made him paint our bedroom furniture and our room. Aren't I so mean? And I know, Friday night... BUT I really have hated not having a comfy room for a year and a half and I knew that painting would be like ripping a bandage off- terrible during the painting, but done quick with such a great and happy result. 
My family thinks that McKay paints all the time. I document in my brain exactly when he paints and he has not painted for six whole months! That's a long time. My grandpa actually said that we are going to have to start calling him Picasso. And my mom said "he's painting AGAINNNN?!!!"
But, because our room was so fumey, McKay pulled our mattress into the bonus room and we cuddled on the floor and slept there. For some reason, I slept horrible. Our bed felt so much smaller on the floor. I had a dream that McKay and I were married but that there was another girl that he was interested in and he was going to choose between us. So in my dream, I was trying to learn how to be flirtatious again to make him want me, but I just couldn't do it because I didn't know how anymore. So then I woke up with that feeling that we had gotten in a big fight the night before. I hate dumb dreams. We've been watching Downton Abbey too much or something.
But then we heard Jax talking in his crib and the sun was shining through the window, so we got our baby out of his room and cuddled on the mattress and we read If You Give A Moose A Muffin. The "If You Give A..." books are Jax's favorites. 
I love watching McKay and Jax together. I have never seen a little boy who loves his dad as much as Jax loves McKay. They are best friends and I hope they always are. I love Saturday mornings with my family. I love it when we wake up and McKay is there. It's just different and so so much better.


  1. These pictures are just perfect. You're a natural!

  2. Gosh...and you JUST got this camera? ...lies.... :)
    You are very talented dear!
    I hope you share some pictures of the new paint color! :)
    Also...that dream, cray cray...

  3. the pic with his diaper hanging on by one strap. ohmahgawd. jax is ridiculously sweet.

  4. um ok you are amazing at taking pics!!

  5. cute pics. and let me just say i love/hate downton abbey. if you've finished all the seasons and are up to know what i'm talking about...if you haven't...don't. cause it'll piss you right off.

  6. Such sweet photos, I love sunday mornings too.

  7. Those pictures are awesome. One day when I finally have a kid, I'm going to need some lessons!

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  9. These pictures are amazing!! Way to go girl!

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  11. Gosh, these pictures are just so heartwarming! Great pictures :)

    xo, Jenna

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