Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blog Takeover: Ultrasound

My ultrasound was at 10am this morning. I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night. Before we went, I had to get me ready, Jax ready (I made McKay do it), and we had to drop Jax of at my grandmas- so I told McKay to wake me up at 8:00 when he left for work. I got up at eight. Usually, when I wake up, I wander around my house and stare at the toilets until I throw up and then I sit in my chair and eat my breakfast, but this morning I didn't have time for that. I grabbed some Cheerios and I sat in my chair. Then I rinsed out my bowl and started walking upstairs, but before I got up there, I had to make a little stop in the downstairs bathroom. It was lovely. My favorite times are when I eat something and I drink nothing. And that's what happened this morning.

Then we left to go to drop Jax off and McKay was a chatterbox! He kept asking me questions and telling lots of jokes and my head was pounding and so finally I just said, "McKay, could you please turn the music on." And then he laughed. Then we dropped Jax off and got to the hospital. Right as we were pulling up to the valet boys, I realized I had forgotten my ID. I said "NOOOOOOOOO!" And I was so scared that I would have to reschedule. I made a plan to say, "The doctor knows me!" But I didn't need to! When I got to the counter, I said I had forgotten my ID and she just laughed and asked my birthdate, my address and gave me my pee cup! So easy! And a little unsafe. I thought of a joke in my mind about how easy it would be for a pregnant lady on drugs to have a friend pee for her. But then I thought I should probably not say that joke, so I didn't.

I was really really nervous when I got into the room. I have been reading a lot of pregnancy forums online and read some stories about sad pregnancies- so I was really really nervous about the heartbeat. Dr. Sharmahd came in and put me at ease! He talked about the lakehouse and asked all about my pregnancy with Jax (which was fun because I love to talk about pregnancy!) and he even quizzed McKay about "How many Deacons are in a quorum?" Then he asked me to scoot down and began the ultrasound. He asked us if we could see the baby and we both looked at each other, because the screen was turned around! Then the Dr. turned around the screen and we saw our baby! Our baby moved right away and put its little fists up by its face and wiggled a lot! We both just kept saying "oh my gosh!" and "look!" and "Did you see that?!" And we could not stop smiling! And McKay was the first one to see the heartbeat! I think he pointed it out to me even before the doctor did. He knew how worried I was. I even cried a little bit because I am so happy that we have a healthy little baby who is growing and moving. McKay kept calling the baby a "he" and I kept correcting him because I still think the baby is a girl! I would be so excited to have a little boy too though. I still think little boys are the funnest (it's a word)! Jax has been cracking us up every day and lately we have just been sitting on the floor watching him and dying at how funny he is.

After the ultrasound we went to Karl's Bakery- where I used to go with my mom sometimes after Ballet. It was so good and we think we are going to make it a tradition to go there after appointments. It was fun to have a little mini-date with my guy. I have missed him lately. Plus, I have been really mean to him (prengnant-mean).

When we got to the Boulevard, I started thinking about pepperoni beef jerkey and I started to crave some, so we stopped at the deli and I got two huge sticks. I ate one and gave Jax one, and then I wanted MORE. Could I be any grosser? So we had to go back and get two more and now I hate them.

When we got home, I compared the baby's ultrasound photos with Jax's. They look so different! Jax's ultrasound was at 8 weeks and two days, and today I am 10 week and four days and it's amazing how much more we could see this time. Jax looked like a tiny little tadpole with a little head and a little body. Today we saw a body, head, moving arms and even four little fingers in a fist! When I was looking at the pictures, I also realized that Jax was conceived "on" October 18th and this baby is DUE October 18th! October 18th is our lucky day!

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