Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Takeover: Let's count how many times I can say "puke" on Jax's blog.

I seriously just ate a freezer taco at 1am because I am craving tostadas. I am reading NieNie's blog. The month I am reading, she keeps mentioning cupcakes and I want to die. ew. cupcakes.
Oh, much Coke can you drink while pregnant? Because I never drink it...but it helps my headaches and my stomach and I love it right now. Right when I should not be drinking it. (Oh and hi Chad! The Coke is yours! I stole it. Sorry). Also, this week I also stole: Chad's girlfriend's Mongolian Grill leftovers, Chad's pizza, & Chad's Mongolian Grill leftovers. Thanks for staying with us Chad!

Since it's 1:11am and I can't sleep, I've decided to do a deed for McKay. For all husbands really- and compile a list of what not to do when your wife is pregnant. All points are from personal experience/subjection:

What Not To Do When Your Wife Is Pregnant:

1. Leave an entire stick of butter on the counter, greasing and melting in the kitchen for four days

2. Buy a tub of artificial pulled pork that you see on the gross commercials and keep it in the fridge front and center in the middle shelf

3. Keep old BBQ ribs in a Cool Whip container in the fridge

4. Keep a glass with 1in. of orange juice in the fridge for so long that it has separated

5. Change your son's #2 and leave it on the ledge at the top of the stairs, causing your wife to puke after she throws it in the garage

6. Give child wife's toothbrush so when wife brushes her teeth there are cracker crumbs mushed in the bristles

7. Play basketball and throw your sweaty ball of clothes onto the bathtub and leave them there

8. Face your wife and breathe while sleeping

Love you McKay!

P.S. Thank you for the cute new shoes, sweet breakfast and the 47 boxes of popsicles! You do do things 98% right, just so ya know! ;)


  1. I love this list! It cracks me up. They should also not cook bacon or sausage, pretty much ever. They should also not leave bloody nose tissues in the toilet so when you walk in there to puke you get a little head start. Oh, or leave pans with caked on scrambled eggs in the sink when they leave in the morning...

    1. Eww I would die! haha. We will laugh about these things later...MAYBE.


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