Friday, February 22, 2013

Your Very First Build-A-Bear

After the cruise, we had all day to wait at the airport, before flying home. Dad and I decided to take our little family and catch the bus to the mall. We walked around, got carmel apples and soft pretzels and just had some family time. Dad got a scarf from the soccer store, I got a new jacket, and we were passing Build-a-Bear and knew we had to get you one! I had wanted to take you there before, but really wanted to wait until dad was with us. We went in, and you got to pick your bear. There were a few that you liked, but then you chose a cute, fluffy brown one. Dad helped you stuff him and bathe him and I took lots of pictures! Then, you and I named your bear and printed his birth certificate (which we accidentally threw away...). I let you type his name, and you typed lots of letters that were mostly r's. It was so fun to be able to do this with you! We sure love you, our little Jax!

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