Friday, February 22, 2013

Nap Time

You have been really really snuggly lately. And that makes it really really hard to put you to bed. Last night, dad and I were finally going to bed at a good time. 11:30. But you were really sad in your bed, crying "maaaaaamaaaaa maaaaaaamaaaaaa," so I went and got you and put you right in-between us, and you closed your eyes and fell right asleep. All day today, you have been giving me hugs, wanting to be held and wanting attention. I wanted to take you to the beach today, because I know that I will probably start getting sick soon- but it was so cold and windy outside that we couldn't go. So we stayed inside and practiced with the new camera and played. Then you got really tired, so I said it was time for a nap. You said "naa" and shook your head, but I could tell you were really tired, so I put you in your bed. Within about two minutes, you were asleep. We took these pictures right before I put you in your crib. There is not another baby in the world who is cuter than you.

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