Thursday, January 31, 2013

can't think of anything.

Okay, first of all, I have an excuse for every single day I haven't blogged.

Monday- I had to fulfill my headband orders. It was my "working mom" day. I go to my gma's (office) and my gma takes care of Jax (daycare) and then I make the headbands (work) which, take me hours and hours and hours. and hours. I don't know why. I am slow.
Tuesday- Flu shot fiasco. I took Jax to get his shot in the morning. Then I grocery shopped. Then I got home. Then I finished headband stuff. Then I went to the post office. Then I picked up McKay and we went to Walgreens to get our Flu shots. Then after an HOUR we went home because McKay didn't get his and they didn't have the right kind for me. Such a waste of time.

And lastly, I just didn't feel like blogging this week. But now I do! So without further adieu...

don't ya just hate reading those things ^ but they truly get the point across.


1. I have got to figure out what I am doing for McKay for Valentine's Day. We will be on a cruise on the 14th, so it has to be something I can bring with me (or do) on the boat. I already know that McKay has an idea, because I saw something that said "Ali Valentine's Day surprise" or something like that.

2. I am so mad because I saw a spoiler for the Bachelor. Why do people do that? I don't get it. Do they want to ruin thousands of people's Monday nights for months?! So disappointed in that woman on FB.

3. I just have to do this because I feel excluded and I thought of this idea last night.
For those of you that don't know, I have the most out-dated phone ever. And I am going to be really honest and say that it's because I am still on the plan with my mom and brothers. It's $20 bucks a month! Seriously so cheap. And definitely beats the $90 that we pay for McKay's phone. But, sadly, we don't have data plans (except my spoiled favorite-child brother). I have never had an iPhone, so I don't really know what I'm missing. It is like if you were to eat salad your whole life, and had never tried a cupcake. Would you try the more calorie-filled cupcake and risk a dependence on it? Or would you stay with the safe salad for as long as possible in boring, ignorant bliss? I don't know. It's getting to that too-late-for-me-to-blog time of the night so maybe none of this makes sense.
But there is one thing I love. Instagram. And I know...old news to everyone else. But whenever I see McKay's phone just sitting there, I grab it and go on Instagram and I love stalking people who have no idea who I am. Maybe I stalk you. Who knows. But I have noticed a little trend, the "five things no one knows about me" thing. And I so wish I had Instagram so someone could tag me because I love participating in those things. So I am tagging myself. @aliwalker, you are tagged!

(and don't worry none of these will be disgusting or the girl from McKay's Instagram who said she had lice for four years!)

aren't you supposed to choose like your favorite pic of yourself? Well, I went through my pics and I didn't find a normal one. But I did find this one. I am missing being pregnant a little. This stage was really fun.

1. I am really not athletic...BUT my elementary school basketball team (Black Magic was our name) won the championship and I got to cut the net! Also, I think I made two baskets that season!

2. I have never broken a bone, but I have had stiches in my chin twice. Once from falling in the shower, and once from falling off the counter (and smacking my chin on the counter). The second time I had stitches, I had to be in a parade and I was so embarrassed because it looked like I had chin whiskers!

3. Every night when I go to bed I examine my face FOREVER because any little blackhead or weird thing drives me nuts. Then I always end up being in the bathroom for like a half hour. And then I wake up with break-outs cause I squeezed my entire face the night before.

4. Freshman year of high school, I hated my english teacher so I skipped her class all the time. One time while skipping, I was at the mall and I saw her- so she called the school and reported me. And then, once I had moved on, I saw her at the doctor's while there with my little sister. She asked me if my sister was my child and was totally serious. I think about that sometimes, and I wish I could just tell her that I am a good student and a good girl and that I was not a pregnant teen. And because of her, I HATE the book 1984. She was just the worst.

5. In fourth grade, I was obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger. I would only wear his clothes. In school, we were able to write a letter to someone famous we loved. I chose Tommy Hilfiger. He sent me back an autographed photo. After that, I sent him modeling pics of myself that I made my brother take. One where I was in my pajamas, but they were really cute pajamas. Sadly, I never heard back from Tommy. Now I will not wear Tommy Hilfiger clothes ever again because I am so sick of them. Nor will I dress my child or husband in them.


  1. Lovely post and great picture!

  2. Ok okay you quite possibly were the cutest pregnant chick I've ever seen! And OMG-- that story about your freshman teacher, she deserved to be slapped ;) she sounds like a crazy!

    I went through a Tommy H stage, too. Never did get an autograph. Look what he's missing out on now, miss model!! ;)

  3. hahahah your posts always make me laugh! who's missing out now, Mr H!

  4. This was such a great post! I love hearing other people's funny facts!

  5. can i just say that i immediately grabbed my phone and tried to look you up on instagram under @aliwalker.
    Does that make me a stalker...possibly :)
    BUT I COULDN'T FIND does that mean you don't have instagram that you use on mckays phone? i feel stupid. ha.
    ANd girl i have so many blackheads it is insane, but they WILL NOT GO AWAY.
    and tommy that, i think i wrote him a letter once too, great minds think alike! ha.

  6. I was totally in your boat until we realized that we could both have iPhones and pay only like $10 extra per month by hopping on my husband's parents' shared data plan. Let me tell you, it is not always a good thing being SO connected. Also, I'm right there with you on #3. Also, I'm addicted to Instagram, and I haven't been tagged in that game but secretly want to be. I think you'd tag me, wouldn't you? This isn't a popularity contest, right?!

  7. so weird...i have never broken bones either and only ever got stitches in my chin! (only once though) how? oh, by slamming it on the counter. too weird! haha

  8. I TOTALLY do that same thing with my face every night! Chris is like "QUIT!" because I walk in the bathroom with a clear face and walk out with the Chicken pox! Ha!

  9. a few things: GET. AN. IPHONE. the anthro shower curtain in the pregnant pic (!!!) i pick my face every night too. and also, thing #5 made me pee my pants.

  10. love the pic! I don't have an i phone I kinf of feel the same way hahaha

  11. omg please get an iphone! i loved tommy too! also you are legit the cutest preggers person ever

  12. I love that picture of you, you look so pretty.

  13. First of all, you do NOT have those Anthro shower curtains!!!! I am uber jealous right now!!!
    Secondly, I am the exact same way about my face; If there's the smallest zit, I WILL find it and it WILL be removed!
    I have never skipped any high school class in particular, but college was a different story. Last semester, there was a class I had twice a week, 2 hours after the class before, and it was pointless and stupid and completely unnecessary. Every test, quiz, and homework assignment was assigned and completed online. Seriously, it's like the teacher was BEGGING me to ditch and still get an A+! Hahaha!


  14. good job getting some pretty headbands made!
    I stumbled upon a spoiler for the Bachelor (should have known better than to google something about it).
    Steve tells me I am not allowed to pick at my face. and my dermatologist told me to throw away my magnifying mirror, ha.

  15. you guys are going on a cruise?? to where? take me with you? :) haha jk
    i swear, valentines is always so hard!!! i can never think of anything. i usually just end up buying him something he likes (shoes, clothes, etc) :)

    The DayLee Journal

  16. I am just like you -- feeling totally left out and uncool because everyone has an iPhone and Instagram and I don't. However, like the commenter above, I also realized that my husband and I would only have to pay $10 more per month for me to get a smartphone, so I am getting one tomorrow! My first smartphone, and I am DYING. I know it sounds totally stupid and like a first world problem, but I haven't wanted something this bad (or felt so uncool) since high school, and I am ridiculously giddy about getting my phone.

    Hang in there! Maybe you can check in with your provider to see if the data plans have come down in price at all. They always have some kind of new deal. And if not, know that you're not alone in not having an iPhone (even though it totally feels like you are). :)

  17. You glowed as a pregnant woman. :) What a cute pic of you and your baby on that country quilt!

  18. Oh and don't feel left out. I don't have a smart phone either. Never have! I have the pantech renew and I like it alot. I really want a smart phone though!.. Oh well, my ipod works just as good when I have access to internet. :)

  19. Ok now please excuse me for going through all your posts and commenting on the ones I have commentary on (all). I just finally got a smart phone, feeling completely behind the loop. And while I will say it's awesome and convenient a lot of times, the other half is me saying "Priya put it away." Having my phone and spending time on the computer sometimes makes me feel like I've been looking at a screen the whole day! I'd never felt so overwhelmed with technology before now, and I seriously wonder how iPhone people ever get things done?? Still haven't joined Instagram (though I love this little tag/activity) because I'm more of a Twitter person and I think people post some really dumb pictures...then again, so do I, on my blog. That's my two cents.

    perfectly priya


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