Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Things

Okay first things first- your new favorite spot- mommy and daddy's BED! Lately, we have been reading out before-bed book in bed. Dad sits on his side, I sit on my side, and then we squish you in-between us and then we cuddle! We all lay back on the pillows and then we read. Once I think we got through an entire story, but most of the time you are moving around and standing up and jumping and being cute. And then I say "Okay Jax...you can come read the book or you can go ni-night in your bed." Usually when I say that, you come cuddle for a little longer. 

A couple days after Christmas, you had fallen asleep on me, and I knew you would be sad if I put you in your crib, so I laid you down in our bed and said "It's okay Jax...it's mommy and daddy's bed," and you went right to sleep.

This was just last week on the 4th. You weren't feeling very good, so you sat in the bed and watched Baby Boost while I got ready. I send dad a picture because I thought it was so cute! You stayed here for a long time!

This was right after. 

And we were listening to some music...

and you LIKED it!

And then you smiled at yourself.
And I don't blame you.
Because you're the cutest thing in the whole entire world.
And I don't just say that because I'm your mom.
You really are.

This was the next morning. You were in the bath and I was doing a few things outside of the room. I poked my head in to check on you, and you were happy and smiling...just playing with your boat.

(And you can see your crayons on the bath behind you. You LOVE your crayons from Grandpa. We were practicing shapes.)

I sure do love you baby boy! You make life so fun!

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