Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Member how I said that fashion stuff would start again "Thursday." Well, I would like to change that to "next Tuesday..." which is today. And obviously, it's starting pretty slow, because I've worn this shirt like 2342 times. That's always how it happens though right? You get one thing you like and you can immediately see all the outfit possibilities it has. Then a month passes by and you get a new thing and it then becomes the thing that you "have nothing to wear" with.
But, that will never happen to this shirt, really. It truly has surpassed the test of new clothes.

Now I'm going to tell you something that I've told you before.
I have a small bum.
I don't like it, but I have a trick that works...and it's called Hudson Jeans 
(or any jeans with pockets and a button on the back).
Hudson jeans are like $200 which is ridiculous, but if run over to Nordstrom Rack and find a pair for half-off and beg your husband over-the-phone, he might just get them for you.
If you actually bring your husband and allow him to view your non-existent bottom in the jeans he will rip them out of your hand and race to the check-out line.
kidding, that didn't happen. I just got the over-the-phone "yes."

But here, I'll show you.

And if you really need to, you can stuff the pockets with some tissue paper.


  1. Hilarious Ali! I do the same thing with Curtis. Always. Hudsons are magical jeans. They look good on me, and I don't have the same issues ;)

  2. Hehe can't say I have this problem but good to know! So I guess back-pocket-with-button-jeans are kinda like the push up bras for bums? haha :)

    Life etc

  3. OMG YOU ARE TOO CUTE!!!! SOOO EFFING ADORABLE! LOVES IT! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  4. you are adorable! love the simple sweater with the skinny jeans

  5. Ha! I need to give you some of my ghetto booty! I have plenty to share. I have a shirt that looks a lot like yours. I love it. It really can go with anything!

  6. amen! i have that problem too. i feel horribly pubescent when i wear pants. but hudsons are cuuuuute.

  7. Ha Ali this is hilarious! Glad you've been able to convince him of the importance of "good butt jeans".

    That shirt is perfect! I think it's cute and practical when I see people re-wear something a whole bunch of times, truly! It really shows that their piece is uniquely "theirs". Also when something is as versatile as this, rock it out!

    I totally feel ya on the "nothing to wear" pieces. I bought a few new things this weekend and I can see them with everything, so I'm determined to actually wear them with everything!!

    perfectly priya

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