Friday, July 27, 2012

Why being the "2nd birthday boy" sucks...

Happy birthday to my cute husband who just turned 25!
...and who still took these pictures during his break...
...on his birthday.

Here are a few of the reasons why being the 2nd birthday boy sucks:

1. You get a hand-me-down birthday sign.

2. Your wife is too tired to make you breakfast in bed.
Instead, you get this:

The "some fun" was a breakfast from McDonald's.

3. At your birthday party, they are serving the leftover ice cream from the day before.

I sure do love this guy though and I hope he knows it. He is the best husband I ever could have hoped for and the best daddy that I ever could have imagined.

And here are a few "fun facts" about McKay:

1. He joined an African American dance team in college

2. He is one-quarter Japanese!

3. His favorite team is the BSU Broncos. This was his college room:

4. He was in BPA in high school (Business Professionals of America)…and was VERY serious about it (he missed his prom)… I know.

5. He wears soccer jerseys pretty much constantly at home

6. He served in the West Indies for two years for our church

7. He played Varsity Lacrosse in high school

8. Erin Andrews is his celebrity crush. We saw her at a BSU game and he forgot about me.

9. His favorite food is Olive Garden Chicken Fetuccini Alfredo

10. He loves to watch “webinars” in his free time (whatever those are)

11. He can do this:

12. He is an Eagle Scout

13. When he was little, he punched a kid in the face to stick up for his best friend

14. He loves to use my deodorant. I hate it.

15. He loves reality shows like Real Housewives and Kardashians

16. He was voted “best hair” in fifth grade. Trust me…it’s true.


  1. Haha! Love your top and blazer! very funny husband : )

    I love your blog I will definitely be following it!

    You can follow mine at:

  2. Love how you mixed patterns, great outfit. And your hair simply looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing these types of events in your life. Consider me your new follower :)

    - J


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