Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend: Part I

      This weekend was the best.
(Which is why there will be more parts than one.)

McKay's best friend/old college roomie Jason came to visit. I love when McKay's friends come to visit (Hi Chris and Will, thank you for coming a few weekends ago!). I have always liked being around guys more than girls. Maybe it's the three brothers. Maybe because I laugh non-stop because they are hilarious. It reminded me of the Rexburg days and I kinda felt like the barely-twenty-sister's-younger-friend-laugh-at-everything-probably-a-little-annoying-girl who had a huge crush on a older boy named McKay. It also reminded me of a few other things...


Waking up every day excited to see the cutest boy at our school...and being with him every second I could...even when that entailed weird/gross dr appts...and being embarrassed to wear the mask because of how it made me look...which I still have...because I made a "memory cubby" in McKay's car when we first started dating...which is still there...which I still add to...

Falling in love with a boy who was an example and had a light about him and a charismatic personality that everyone loved...and made me intimidated...and want to marry him...

Having my first & only college boyfriend and taking the really awkward kissing pictures for the first time...and trying really hard to "look good kissing" so that they didn't turn out embarrassing...

Sitting on the field watching games like any proud girlfriend would...and feeling a little inappropriate realizing what a cute tushie McKay has...and feeling like the luckiest girl ever during little PDA-seshs at half-time... which I knew made McKay feel weird...but he still did... for me.
I like PDA.

And...finding my best friend-team-mate-person-who-always-has-my-side-hot-husband-who-I-still-have-a-crush-on-boy McKay.

I am so grateful for McKay. I am grateful for his friends. I am so happy that they let me hang around them at school (and were so nice to me even when I interrupted their soccer/basketball/football watching plans). I am so glad that they come to visit us and make all of us laugh. I am so grateful that they make McKay so happy. I'm so glad Mckay lets me tag-along with them when they come to visit. I'm so grateful for long, non-judgemental, open, married-people talks. I am so happy that Jason is taking my soccer-obsessed husband to a game this week. McKay is so excited.

And on a little materialistic note, I am very VERY grateful for the Anthro gift card that Jason had sitting on our console for me when I came home from an exhausting three hours of church with Jax. I really did scream in excitement.

I think you are my new best friend.


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