Saturday, May 19, 2012

My First Mother's Day!

Last Sunday was my very first real Mother's Day. It was such a great day! McKay woke me up with breakfast and cuddling at 6:30am :) he was "too excited" to sleep, haha. Then, he sent me on a scavenger hunt all around our house for my surprise. There were little rhyming clues along the way, which led to the big surprise. I love my sweet husband. He is such a creative guy. He always amazes me. One more amazing thing- he looked on my Pinterest in my "Need This" folder to get ideas. How cute is that?!

We went to church where all the moms were given little pretty flowers to plant. It was perfect for me since I am recently into gardening! I am not very good though- McKay pointed out today that the bottoms of my plants are turning yellow and brown. I am working on it...

After church we went to my house which was the REAL best part of Mother's Day- TALKING TO CODY ON THE PHONE! It was so good to hear his voice and just talk to him. I miss my brother a lot but I am so happy that he is serving a mission. He is growing so much and is such a great example to us all! It was the best to just hear his laugh! 

After talking to Coders, we headed over to grandma and grandpas where we had a yummy dinner of BBQ'd ribs and other yummy stuff. Then we headed to the park to play!

My sisters bring out the 7-year-old in my husband. Whenever he is with him he just runs, plays and laughs constantly. I love it.

Woo-hoo McKay!!

Jaxers has a special relationship with my mom. Whenever he is with her he just totally relaxes and is completely comfortable. I think most of the time we are doing something as a family, he ends up laying on my mom.

I really do think I have the best mom in the world. I never go a day without talking to her and she is my best friend. My mom is the best example of a loving, non-judgemental, understanding person I know. She always listens to us, believes in us and sticks up for us. I can talk to her about anything and she always understands. Whenever I would have a disagreement with my mom in high school, I would wait a few minutes and I would ALWAYS hear her coming down the stairs to talk to me. My brothers and I always laugh about how she would just come in our rooms, sit on our beds, and talk to us (or try to make jokes) until things were better. She can never stand us being sad or worried about anything. I really hope that my kids feel just as loved by me as I do by my mom.

P.S. I know my poof is huge in this pic.

Happy Mother's Day mom! (last week...)


And one more surprise...


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  1. i love the two of you & jax on the sidewalk! so tender.


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